Barren Caves (RoM Zone)  

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Map of Barren Caves
Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic Zone Information
TypeInstanced Dungeon
Expansion Rise of the Demon Lord
Level Range 10
Connecting Zones Howling Mountains
Max Players 6
Progress Saved? No
Easy Mode Available
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Forge your first alliances and prepare for the very hungry caterpillars, evil kobolds and other fell beasts in Taborea’s instances. After you’ve managed to vanquish Taborea’s first boss, Anglo, you’ll find plenty more waiting in the wings…

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The entrance is a portal at 19.9, 11.0 in a small space among stacked crates inside Barren Caves. The zone is Elite, designed for full groups of 6 players between Levels 7 and 12. by 15 or so, depending on class, you should be able to solo all but the Boss.


  • Cave Sand Bug
  • Kobold Expert Digger
  • Kobold Guardian - Kobold with sand bug pet - Kill the Guardian and the pet vanishes!
  • Watch for Mist Emeralds. They are for Instrument making and should sell very well on the AH. You MUST have at least one empty slot in your bag or you cannot harvest them (even if you already have some). The last 2 nodes will repop quickly, but they are the only ones that repop, therefore this is probably a bug which means taking advantage of it to farm Emeralds would technically be an exploit, which is bad, m'kay? Short of abusing this bug, the max you can get per run is 10.
  • Kobold Genius - Mage
  • Cave Rock Scorpion - no harder than the worms, but with strong poison.
  • Kobold Shade Walker hides invisibly until you walk into him. Won't see any until 2 rooms past the first Kobold Genius. As a 12/10 Warden/Druid I could see them (except for one in Anglo's room), not sure why.
  • Anglo - (Crown Elite) - Final Boss - The Strange Ore needed for Obtaining Strange Material is, of course, behind him.
  • Some of the mobs in the first room will repop while you are deeper, so beware as you leave! I think this is probably a bug, too.

This zone can be solo'd easily, if slowly, by a 12/10 Warden/Druid

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