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ZAM Network
When you explore an area you have one of the following possible results:
  • Encounter a Monster, which you automatically fight.
  • Encounter a Boss Monster. You are given the option to fight or try to run away.
  • Discover a Sub-Location (unlocks it for 20 explorations).
  • Find a Battle in progress, which you can join on either side, or flee.
  • If you are on a Quest and in the right Place:
    • You may find the quest update.
    • You could have a Close Call (a strange encounter that indicates you are in the right place and at the right level!)
All of the above consume 1 AP.

The level of the monsters you encounter is determined by your Level and the Level Range of the Place you are exploring. Provided that your Level is within the Range you will explore at that level and the monsters you encounter will be that level. After each fight you have the option to move up one to a tougher level or down one to a safer level (so long as that is still within the Level Range). The higher the level the better the loot, and vice versa.

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