Daily Goals (CoS)  

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City of Steam
Each goal rewards 10% towards the 100% you need each day to unlock all the rewards. At the very lower levels there will be a few different goals, such as Make Friends, because there are some regular goals you won't be able to do yet.

50%27500Shilling , 400000 EXP
75%27500Shilling , 400000 EXP, Lucky Scroll
100%27500Shilling , 400000 EXP, Lucky Scroll x2, Objective Stamp
110000Shilling , 1200000 EXP, Lucky Scroll x3, Objective Stamp
The above values for EXP and Spiremarks were measured at level 60. The amounts actually vary and increase as you level up so yours may be less.

Daily Goals reset each day at midnight (Server Time).

  • Minutes Played (60)
  • Compete in PvP (5)
  • Defeat enemies (variable)
  • Do challenges (15)
  • Spend Shillings (variable)
  • Defeat enemies (variable)
  • Upgrade Weapon (2)
  • Upgrade Armor (2)
  • Upgrade Accessory (2)
  • Merge Mods (2)
  • Smelt a Weapon (or Shield or Armor or Accessory) (2)

If it says (variable), above, it means the target changes relative to your level. At lower levels, when some of the above tasks are not available to you, you will be asked to complete other tasks such as Use emotes or Add friends.

The rewards are cumulative and available every 25% along the way so feel free to claim them immediately when you reach a new reward. If you are short and unable to complete all goals, you can buy the reward for 10 E/bE per unfinished goal.

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