Essencetapper's Test (Aion Quest)  

Crafting Quest Series
Elyos and Asmodian
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
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Talk with Cornelius in Sanctum at Artisans Hall or (mob name needed!) in Pandaemonium at Temple of Artisans once your Essencetapping skill has reached 399.
Level 30 [Expert] Essencetapper's Test
  1. Get the Expert Essencetapping Ring from Sabotes (Elyos) or (mob name needed!) (Asmodian).
  2. Find the three legendary jewels and take them to your master.
 Basic Reward
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    This is a Harvesting quest. Essencetapping (399p) or better is required to complete this quest. If you do not have the skill to harvest the items needed yourself, most (but not all) Harvesting quests will update no matter how the items are obtained. You may buy or trade for them, or receive them from a friend.

    You can see where the Resource Nodes are located in the following categories:


    All quests reward XP but NCSoft is fond of changing the amounts frequently, to the point that it is simply not wise to try to track the exact amount in a wiki.

    Quest Notes

    The chance to harvest each of the rares is approximately 1%. Rubies, Sapphires and Diamonds are found in Heiron and Theobomos. These are rare harvests (less than 1%) so expect to spend hours, days, and even weeks doing this. Be sure that you are wearing the Expert Essencetapping Ring or you will never find any. Beyond that there is no trick, just keep harvesting.

    Known Locations in the Nolantis Ruins/Medeus Altar area:

    • Rubies:
      • 474.8, 2640.3, 124.1 - guarded by a Reinforced Kalgolem
      • 268.5, 2633.2, 116.2
      • 345.1, 2593.4, 115.9
    • Sapphires:
      • 503.1, 2642.9, 134.8
      • 406.9, 2726.8, 117.6
      • 418.2, 2707.0, 117.8 - inside corner of broken wall
      • 413.0, 2679.3, 115.0
      • 363.2, 2662.2, 112.7
      • 434.7, 2386.1, 139.9
      • 409.1, 2404.7, 131.2
      • 515.6, 2465.6, 139.2
    • Diamonds:
      • Too many to bother listing

    Note: Although it is possible to harvest more than one of each rare you can only carry one of each.

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