Harvestables (Aion)  


Collection Collection 1-49
Essencetapping 1-50 55-100 105-150 155-200 205-250 255-300 305-350 355-400 405-450 455-499
Aethertapping Aethertapping 1-499

The tables, linked above, show what you can harvest, from what and where, and with what skill. Due to the size of these tables, we have broken them up into multiple pages.

The nodes are broken into definite categories. The node will appear similar to others of it's type, with minor color or texture differences, except that some node types (Herbs, Fibers and Fruits) have more than one graphic.

Note that some nodes have a rare Huge version, while still others, such as Ormea, are found only in Large versions. These Large and Huge nodes can be harvested many more times than normal nodes, seem to have their own locations with very long respawn timers or they have a list of places they can spawn and appear at only one at a time. We just don't know. We do know that they do NOT have normal node respawn times, or at least do not respawn in the same place every time. We do not maintain separate pages for the Large or Huge versions, keeping our info only under the normal node name.

Nodes for 400 and above (introduced with the 1.9 patch) require special items in order to harvest them. We will have more information about them here as soon as we get it.

We have added a resources= field to the Places template, so a list of what resources are found at that place can be added,and we can definitely use help with that. Just add a line, if needed, with |resources= anywhere inside the Aion Place template and list the Resource Nodes with commas between them. As always, if you are confused just contact Bludwyng.

Field Identification Guide

The color of the node's name will tell you if you can collect it, and if you will get XP for it.

  • Red - Too High. You're skill is not high enough to gather this node.
  • Yellow - Perfect. This is closest to your skill and you will get maximum XP for it.
  • Pale-Yellow - Good. You will get decent XP, but there is better for you.
  • White - Poor. You are better than this, but you will still get some XP for it.
  • Gray - Trivial. You will get no XP from harvesting this node. Roughly 55 skill levels above the minimum to harvest the node.


HerbUsed by Alchemists in the making of potions.
Hard MetalUsed by Armorsmiths and Weaponsmiths to make armor and weapons. Also used in Construction. (AionArmory calls this "Noble Metal")
Soft MetalUsed by Armorsmiths, Weaponsmiths and Crafters. (AionArmory calls this "Metal")
GemUsed by Armorsmiths, Weaponsmiths and Crafters.
WoodUsed by Weaponsmiths.. Also used in Construction.

FiberUsed by Tailors. (AionArmory calls this "Plant")
VegetableUsed by Cooks to make Food.

FruitUsed by Cooks to make Food. Petals can be used to dye armor.
FishUsed by Cooks to make Food.
ShellfishUsed by Cooks to make Food.
AetherUsed by all artisans, with the Morph Substances skill, to make Material Items. Aether is also needed to enchant items of the higher quality recipes.

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