Pets (Aion)  

Pets accompany you on your journeys, and some will even help you.

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Click on your pet, then on Check Mood to get a row of icons that allow you to interact with your pet. These commands can also be typed in via the chat window or included in a macro.

  • /SnugglePet
  • /GroomPet
  • /TrainPet
  • /PlayPet

If you ever decide you want to change your pet's name, you can do so on the Pet UI. Just click on Menu, then Change Name.


From time to time your pet may sense a nearby item and you will see a gift box appear over his head. Click on the pet, then select the Gift icon to tell him to dig up a Received Gift (PW/AA). Open this to find an item, usually an Unknown Bundle (PW/AA) which will usually contain 2 Coins (such as a Bronze Coin, but this improves as your level rises) or it may contain a Flux or other craft materials or consumables.


Not all pets need to be fed, but if yours is one that does benefit from it you will see a Feeding tab next to Pet Info (and Pet Bag) on the Pet UI. The Feeding tab will tell you what food he likes. To feed him, just move a food item into the spaces on the UI. Feeding one of the foods listed on his UI will gain you a Gift. Mouse over the food name to learn what kind of gift each food generates.

Companion Pets

Simply for fun, these pets cannot actually do anything except amuse you and your friends with their antics.

Fortune Pets

When fed they will give you something valuable!

Signal Pets

Some pets will keep on eye on your surroundings and alert you to the presence of foes!

Pack Pets

These beasts of burden carry a backpack-cube that can hold overflow from your bags. Use the &#81 key (left square bracket) to open your pet's cube. All pets with the same size cube actually share the same space so things put in the cube of one pet will still be there if you summon a different one. IF a temporary container pet expires any items still in his cube will be dumped into yours (overflow allowed).

To maximize your pet storage, get one pet of each pack size! Then you can change pets as you fill them up.

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