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This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.
To get a good beginning understanding of Pets, as well as to buy PEt Feed and other Pet Supplies, speak to a Pet Hunter.

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A pet in Runes of Magic is much more than the appearance or amusement item that many games have. Pets in RoM actually improve your stats and they grow with you, leveling up while earning XP from your activities. Pets can even harvest for you!

How to get a pet egg

Main Pet UI
Main Pet UI
There are two ways to get a Pet Egg.
  1. Capture a Magic Cavy or Golden Magic Cavy (Ggl) using a Huntsman's Trap (this includes the daily training activity in Miller's Ranch). This will gain you one of the following eggs (at random)
  2. Use Rubies to buy one in the Item Shop. Each costs 300Rubies  and will grant Buddy Resonance when summoned the first time each day, increasing Experience and Talent Points gained in battle, as well as drop rate, by 20%)


In addition to the five attributes that all players have, pets have six progress bars that display their growth and status.
  • Experience: Just like you, this is how the pet levels up. He gains part of the experience you gain whenever he is active (summoned).
  • Talent Points:
  • Loyalty: A multiplier that is involved in the stat boost calculations, so although this does not "control" the boost, it affects it. More is better. Also, if Loyalty is below 70% he will not assist you in a fight. Loyalty decreases (-4) when you die with the pet active. It can be repaired with special food from a Pet Hunter (Dessert of Happiness x4 for 6,000Gold  each).
  • Nourishment: Indicates how hungry or well-fed your pet is. The hungrier he is the less he aids you. Maximum benefit is only gained when he is well-fed.
  • Training: Just like your Training Points, these are spent to improve his Skills. The max is 10,000, and if you do not spend them he will cease to gain more.
  • Aptitude: A multiplier that is involved in the stat boost calculations, so although this does not "control" the boost, it affects it. More is better. Also, the higher Aptitude the better the chance that your pet will join in the fight and assist you against your target.


Pet Chat
Pet Chat
From time to time you may see a message, from your pet, that your pet wants to talk to you about something he has noticed in the world near you. Elsewhere on the screen you will see a minimized chat window. Open it to get the message and a choice of options. Here are a few examples.

Master, I found a strange picture. Could it be a treasure map?

  • Let's try our luck. - Pet's Experience raised by 50 points!
  • Get a shovel ready.
  • Of course it is.
  • Ignore - Yeah, right.

Master, what kind of places do you like to explore? let's go together!

  • I like places we can accumulate experience.
  • I like places we can polish our skills in.
  • I like places we can dig up treasure in. - receive a Gift from your Pet
  • Ignore - You first.

Master, what is the most important thing for your travels?

  • Ample experience.
  • Proficient Skills. - Pet's Talent Points raised by 5 points!
  • Useful tools.
  • Ignore - Uh huh

Master, what can't a good room do without?

  • Many, many treasure chests.
  • Several lush potted plants.
  • Decorations made out of mighty monsters. - Pet's Stamina raised by 0.05 points!
  • Ignore - Uh huh


Two pets can be merged to improve the stats of one. To merge, the two pets must be of the same element or one of them must be of no element, and they must be with 5 levels of one another. After merging, the agent will have the benefits of the merge and the reagent will be gone.

First, click on the icon above Choose agent, then select a Breeding Slot. Now choose the Reagent the same way. The UI will display information about what the result will be. To confirm you want to merge the two pets, click the blue orb between the agent and reagent.

How to raise a pet

Right-click on the Pet Egg. This will open the Pet UI and change your cursor. Click on an open Breeding Slot and that's it. You now have a pet.

To open more Breeding Slots, you can buy a Breeding Slot Ticket (39Diamonds ($1.64) ) in the Item Shop.

Care and Feeding

If your pet is hungry the bonuses you receive from your pet will decline!

Note: For some stupid reason, you cannot feed your pet while he is active. You must unsummon him, feed him, and then re-summon him!

There are six Pet Foods you can purchase from a Pet Hunter and a few you can only get as quest rewards or from certain bundle items (and some have a version available in the Item Shop):

Miller's Special CakeTraining +1, Nourishment +5, Experience +103,500Gold 
Nutritious CheeseNourishment +105,000Gold 
Dessert of HappinessLoyalty +16,000Gold 
Enhancement Potionconverts 500 Training points to 100 Talent PointsBadges of the Trial x25
Enhancement Potion (Item Shop)converts 500 Training points to 100 Talent Points25Diamonds ($1.05) 
Neutralization BarChanges pet's elemental type to noneBadges of the Trial x35
Powerful Pet Growth PotionExperience +1000, Training +500Badges of the Trial x45
Powerful Pet Growth Potion (Item Shop)Experience +1000, Training +50045Diamonds ($1.89) 
Beef SkewerNourishment +30from Ranch Package
Low-Fat Goat's Milk (Ggl)Nourishment +20from Gift from your Pet


Your pets can harvest for you, but each harvest consumes a Pet Crafting Tool (100Gold ). Maximum stack size is 99. This makes pet harvesting expensive but it is an excellent way to gain specific materials when you need them, as you can tell your pet to go harvest exactly the node you want. There is still some risk as each node will have more than one possible resource he may get from it. You can purchase Pet Crafting Tools from any Pet Hunter.

Pet Crafting ToolGathering CraftCost
Small HatchetWoodcutting100Gold 
Small HoeMining100Gold 
Small SpadeHerbalism100Gold 

Daily Quests

There are two Daily quests in Miller's Ranch that benefit pet owners. To get there, talk to the Pet Hunter in Lower City East of Varanas.

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