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City of Steam
This page is a list, by Power, of where you should be and when you should be there.

Note: The 2.4 patch adjusted the Recommended Minimum Power for many challenges, usually downward. We are correcting them as we find them.

4326Boss RaidThe Bunker Halls
5177Boss RaidThe Glut 1
7006Heroic Boss RaidThe Bunker Halls
7378Boss RaidThe Glut 2
8679Boss RaidOld Courtyard
9007Heroic Boss RaidThe Glut 1
101010Boss RaidSunken Lode
11158Heroic Boss RaidThe Glut 2
121011Boss RaidDustyard
130010+Monster LairSkyrian's Swarm
13129Heroic Boss RaidOld Courtyard
140010+Paragon DungeonDen of the Grinder King - 1 star
140010+Team DungeonThe Pit of Skulls
144712Boss RaidThe Well
152810Heroic Boss RaidSunken Lode
171313Boss RaidCrumbling Sepulchre 1
176710+Paragon DungeonDen of the Grinder King - 2 stars
183312Heroic Boss RaidThe Well
186211Heroic Boss RaidDustyard
202514Boss RaidCrumbling Sepulchre 2
222413Heroic Boss RaidCrumbling Sepulchre 1
230010+Paragon DungeonDen of the Grinder King - 3 stars
255615Boss RaidLarran's Grotto
262514Heroic Boss RaidCrumbling Sepulchre 2
275010+Paragon DungeonDen of the Grinder King - 4 stars
313216Boss RaidTemrin's Stacks
320015+Monster LairSkyrian's Scavengers
335715Heroic Boss RaidLarran's Grotto
340015+Paragon DungeonThe Tomb of Osseus - 1 star
350010+Paragon DungeonDen of the Grinder King - 5 stars
350015+Boss GauntletToil Hazard
374517Boss RaidThe Sluice
410316Heroic Boss RaidTemrin's Stacks
440018Boss RaidCorsair Hideout
467515+Paragon DungeonThe Tomb of Osseus - 2 stars
495517Heroic Boss RaidThe Sluice
503019Boss RaidUrbis 1
582218Heroic Boss RaidCorsair Hideout
595015+Paragon DungeonThe Tomb of Osseus - 3 stars
615120Boss RaidRailyard
650020+Paragon DungeonThe Vivisectorium - 1 star
666819Heroic Boss RaidUrbis 1
703121Boss RaidUrbis 2
722515+Paragon DungeonThe Tomb of Osseus - 4 stars
788022Boss RaidScraphills
800020+Team DungeonThe Chamber of Brood
823820Heroic Boss RaidRailyard
850020+Monster LairSkyrian's Sappers
869323Boss RaidHarbor Archives
900015+Paragon DungeonThe Tomb of Osseus - 5 stars
900020+Boss GauntletHomonculus
937520+Paragon DungeonThe Vivisectorium - 2 stars
950719Heroic Boss RaidUrbis 2
967324Boss RaidThe Bilge
987025Boss RaidHarbor Airspace
1000025+Paragon DungeonThe Den of Thieves - 1 star
1067422Heroic Boss RaidScraphills
1089726Boss RaidThe Underworks
1182623Heroic Boss RaidHarbor Archives
1189527Boss RaidRaised Ruins 1 Boss Raid
1225020+Paragon DungeonThe Vivisectorium - 3 stars
1286828Boss RaidLower Spire 1 Boss Riad
1320024Heroic Boss RaidThe Bilge
1349825Heroic Boss RaidHarbor Airspace
1375025+Paragon DungeonThe Den of Thieves - 2 stars
1397029Boss RaidSunken Ruins Boss Raid
1498826Heroic Boss RaidThe Underworks
1500025+Monster LairNerynda's Nightmares
1500025+Boss GauntletMagmaroach
1512520+Paragon DungeonThe Vivisectorium - 4 stars
1644227Heroic Boss RaidRaised Ruins 1 Boss Raid
1664230Boss RaidRaised Ruins 2 Boss Raid
1750025+Paragon DungeonThe Den of Thieves - 3 stars
1783928Heroic Boss RaidLower Spire 1 Boss Raid
1800030+Paragon DungeonThe Tower of Thorn - 1 star
1800030+Team DungeonTesla Defense
1818931Boss RaidLower Spire 2 Boss Raid
1942629Heroic Boss RaidSunken Ruins Boss Raid
1968132Boss RaidSpirelock Boss Raid
2000020+Paragon DungeonThe Vivisectorium - 5 stars
2000030+Multi-Dungeon Boss RaidThree Wizards
2120633Boss RaidFeedwater 1 Boss Raid
2125025+Paragon DungeonThe Den of Thieves - 4 stars
2200035+Paragon DungeonCave of the Star-Eater - 1 star
2283334Boss RaidFoundersbrook
2325030+Paragon DungeonThe Tower of Thorn - 2 stars
2349830Heroic Boss RaidRaised Ruins 2 Boss Raid
2498535Boss RaidCharnelfield
2569131Heroic Boss RaidLower Spire 2 Boss Raid
2600025+Paragon DungeonThe Den of Thieves - 5 stars
2600030+Boss GauntletFrostgore
2687436Boss RaidFeedwater 2 Boss Raid
2776332Heroic Boss RaidSpirelock Boss Raid
2800030+Monster LairNerynda's Grinders
2862337Boss RaidCulverin Road
2925030+Paragon DungeonThe Tower of Thorn - 3 stars
30+Paragon DungeonThe Tower of Thorn - 4 stars
3002133Heroic Boss RaidFeedwater 1 Boss Raid
3033338Boss RaidThe Reliquary
3229539Boss RaidThe Oracle's Tears 1 Boss Raid
3236434Heroic Boss RaidFoundersbrook
35+Paragon DungeonCave of the Star-Eater - 2 stars
35+Paragon DungeonCave of the Star-Eater - 3 stars
3552335Heroic Boss RaidCharnelfield
3565140Boss RaidThe Oracle's Tears 2 Boss Raid
3774741Boss RaidFlooded Ward 1 Boss Raid
3797540+Paragon DungeonMechanthrope Manor - 2 stars
45+Paragon DungeonThe Hive of Kronus - 1 star
3829436Heroic Boss RaidFeedwater 2 Boss Raid
3988942Boss RaidFlooded Ward 2 Boss Raid
4000035+Monster LairNerynda's Insects
4000035+Boss GauntletAetherlord
4000050+Paragon DungeonHall of the Ancestors - 1 star
4081237Heroic Boss RaidCulverin Road
4178543Boss RaidToothward Path 1 Boss Raid
4323738Heroic Boss RaidThe Reliquary
4392444Boss RaidToothward Path 2 Boss Raid
4500055+Paragon DungeonPurgatorium Reach - 1 star
4618639Heroic Boss RaidThe Oracle's Tears 1 Boss Raid
4711245Boss RaidOracle's Coupling 1 Boss Raid
4800030+Paragon DungeonThe Tower of Thorn - 5 stars
4800040Multi-Dungeon Boss RaidHyperion Gate
4900045+Paragon DungeonThe Hive of Kronus - 2 stars
4937540+Paragon DungeonMechanthrope Manor - 3 stars
4972446Boss RaidPower Complex Boss Raid
5000059+Paragon DungeonThe Harbinger - 1 star
5050035+Paragon DungeonCave of the Star-Eater - 4 stars
5136240Heroic Boss RaidThe Oracle's Tears 2 Boss Raid
5221547Boss RaidOracle's Coupling 2 Boss Raid
5444441Heroic Boss RaidFlooded Ward 1 Boss Raid
5487148Boss RaidClockwork Garrison Boss Raid
5750050+Paragon DungeonHall of the Ancestors - 2 stars
5762042Heroic Boss RaidFlooded Ward 2 Boss Raid
5751849Boss RaidToothward Path Boss Raid
6000040+Monster LairKyrven's Crawlers
6000040+Boss GauntletBloodhorn
6045143Heroic Boss RaidToothward Path 1 Boss Raid
6159450Boss RaidShiv Lane Boss Raid
6362540+Paragon DungeonMechanthrope Manor - 4 stars
6362644Heroic Boss RaidToothward Path 2 Boss Raid
6428051Boss RaidBeryl's Folly
6500035+Paragon DungeonCave of the Star-Eater - 5 stars
6500045+Paragon DungeonThe Hive of Kronus - 3 stars
6512555+Paragon DungeonPurgatorium Reach - 2 stars
6688252Boss RaidThe Maze of Ulgrim
6859445Heroic Boss RaidOracle's Coupling 1 Boss Raid
6941753Boss RaidCells of the Forsaken
7218154Boss RaidCastellum Phoenix 1
7500050Multi-Dungeon Boss RaidBoss Raid 3: Government District
7256446Heroic Boss RaidPower Complex Boss Raid
7637347Heroic Boss RaidOracle's Coupling 2 Boss Raid
7750050+Paragon DungeonHall of the Ancestors - 3 stars
7754055Boss RaidThe Maw
7975059+Paragon DungeonThe Harbinger - 2 stars
8014956Boss RaidKrematorium Tunnel 1
8050548Heroic Boss RaidClockwork Garrison Boss Raid
8314457Boss RaidVoid Portal
8461349Heroic Boss RaidToothward Path Boss Raid
8500040+Paragon DungeonMechanthrope Manor - 5 stars
8500045+Paragon DungeonThe Hive of Kronus - 4 stars
8500045+Monster LairKyrven's Kindlers
8583658Boss RaidKrematorium Tunnel 2
8812555+Paragon DungeonPurgatorium Reach - 3 stars
9000045+Boss GauntletAnomaly
9110950Heroic Boss RaidShiv Lane Boss Raid
9535251Heroic Boss RaidBeryl's Folly
9936052Heroic Boss RaidThe Maze of Ulgrim
10250050+Paragon DungeonHall of the Ancestors - 4 stars
10328753Heroic Boss RaidCells of the Forsaken
10766954Heroic Boss RaidCastellum Phoenix 1 Boss Raid
11000050+Monster LairKyrven's Chosen
11375059+Paragon DungeonThe Harbinger - 3 stars
59+Paragon DungeonThe Harbinger - 4 stars
59+Paragon DungeonThe Harbinger - 5 stars
11520045+Paragon DungeonThe Hive of Kronus - 5 stars
11621455Heroic Boss RaidThe Maw Boss Raid
11687555+Paragon DungeonPurgatorium Reach - 4 stars
55+Paragon DungeonPurgatorium Reach - 5 stars
12029656Heroic Boss RaidKrematorium Tunnel 1 Boss Raid
12512657Heroic Boss RaidVoid Portal Boss Raid
12930658Heroic Boss RaidKrematorium Tunnel 2 Boss Raid
13000055+Monster LairVorselar's Blight Bark
13500050+ Boss GauntletHarbinger
14000050+Paragon DungeonHall of the Ancestors - 5 stars
16000060+Monster LairHemdar's Void Challenger
17000055+ Boss GauntletVoid Judicator
22000060+ Boss GauntletBattle Imraphel

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