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The Path of the Paragons
LevelParagon Dungeon
10+Den of the Grinder King
15+The Tomb of Osseus
20+The Vivisectorium
25+The Den of Thieves
30+The Tower of Thorn
35+Cave of the Star-Eater
40+Mechanthrope Manor
45+The Hive of Kronus
50+Hall of the Ancestors
55+Purgatorium Reach
59+The Harbinger
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City of Steam
Zone Types

You must be at least level 10 before you can attempt a Paragon dungeon. To open the Paragon Dungeon UI, speak to the Paragon Dungeon Master in Arkadia.

There is no limit to the number of Paragon Dungeons you may attempt per day but they give no reward unless you complete it. Rewards include EXP, Shillings, Valor Points and Paragon Tokens. There is also no penalty for dying or exiting early. There is no cooldown before you can try again, nor any cap to the number of times per day you may try.

The Daily Reward section of the Challenge description indicates how much will be added to your Daily Reward by completing the Paragon dungeon at the Current Difficulty. These rewards are cumulative. Be sure to Claim your Paragon Daily Reward every day! The more stars you finish, the bigger the Daily Reward becomes. Additionally, after claiming the Daily Reward, speak to Lord Saulton to claim your daily Paragon Relic (collectible).

Paragon Points can be traded in the Paragon Store for purple gear at all levels. It is highly recommended that you save your points til you hit 50 and then buy a full purple set of gear.

When a new server launches, extra bonus rewards can be earned if you complete Paragon Dungeons during a specific time frame. Presently, this is from 3.3 to 4.2 but we have no clue if that means March 3rd to April 2nd or 3:15 am to 4:10 am. Bonus Rewards to be earned include Shillings, Mod Boxes, Mystery Medals and Area Collection Boxes.

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