After a horrible acident deleted my User: page and all history entries, I restored this with the Wayback Machine from Nov. 30th, 2010. Obviously, alot has changed and much is missing, but this was the best that could be done. It will take some time to get it all reformatted properly.

There IS still a chance, albeit small, that they will restore my page from backups, but I think it unlikely.

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Bludwyng after one too many Monsters
Bludwyng after one too many Monsters
I have never been very good at writing diaries and such, but you can find my journal at The Blud Bank. When I have something to say, personally, that does not fit in any of the other forums or on a wiki page, that is where I will say it. (he is crazy!!!)

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So who is Bludwyng?

The first Bludwyng was one of my EQ2 alts, an Arasai Defiler that I originally started on Test to document Game Update #35, which introduced Neriak and the Arasai.

I was volunteering at EQ2i at the time, under the name Florence Sopher (my original EQ2 main). From September of 2006 to September of 2007 I was the template programmer and primary site designer at EQ2i, helping to build it from a minor, if well thought-of, fansite to one of the top EverQuest II fansites out there.

When Allakhazam asked me to join the team here and take command of the new EQ2 Wikibase, I decided to create a new personae to keep my hobby editing separate from my new job, but since starting here the work to be done has totally consumed my time, and with the BETA for Rise of Kunark, I decided I could not do both jobs. I placed Florence on inactive admin status at EQ2i. I see no reason that ZAM and EQ2i cannot be friends, or at least friendly. At EQ2i we have long borrowed from Allakhazam's (among other sites) and I was the one that created the credit templates to give proper credit to the sites we borrowed from. I was also the one that built the "other resources" box, which gives a link from almost every page at EQ2i to the matching page at Allakhazam's and other resources, such as LootDB.

Breakfast of Champions

Here, I have borrowed much from my work at EQ2i, and have made a credit template for here that gives them credit for what I take (since I wrote so much of it anyway...). Both sites wiki's are published under the GFDL which very clearly allows for this.

I choose to remain Bludwyng here, but there shall be no secret identities. Allakhazam's deserves my full and complete attention, and they have it.

"Fear my evil cuteness!" Bludwyng, Zam Network Sr. Wikibase Admin (Emeritus)

The Ferret

Q: Why is Bludwyng's forum title "The Ferret"?

A: Calthine gave me this name, referring to my habit of jumping from one shiny, new project to another without always completing the first one. This was not entirely complimentary but I have owned it in the spirit in which it was given.

Fan Faire 2009

Brasse and Bludwyng
Brasse and Bludwyng
Well, my brand new cam/camcorder, a Sanyo CG10, got stolen Friday along with all the pics and video I had taken, but at least I got this one pic (thanks, Spyderbite!)


Jan. 15th 2009 I had a stroke. It was a TIA (Transient Ischemia Attack, or mini-stroke). I am ok, and have recovered what I would call 99% "normal" functionality. It went untreated for 7 days as none of us realized what had happened, I just seemed to get drunk (slight imbalance, slurred speech). Don't let this happen to you!!! Know the signs!!! •slurred speech •difficulty standing •muscle weakness on one side of the body •loss of consciousness (this did not happen to me) Risk-factors •high blood pressure •high cholesterol •diabetes •smoking

My cat, Purbella Update: It is now late-March and I am feeling much better. Except for getting tired real easy if I overdo it, I seem to be 100% recovered. My typing is about 98% back to normal, I just have a tendency to under-press keys with my left hand. Afternoon naps are still a good thing, but I do not feel I have to take one like I did shortly after the event. I am still on a bunch of medications but my last visit to the doctor shows my numbers improving dramatically. My LDL and HDL are good, my sugar is well maintained now, and my blood pressure is still borderline high but on a good day it is within acceptable limits.

Preferred Browser

I use the Firefox browser from Mozilla, exclusively, unless I simply need to check compatibility with "one of those other browsers". Now, you can certainly use whatever browser makes you happy, but considering that IE continues to ignore the industry standards, creating new issues with every update while lagging years behind almost all the other browsers in compatibility with the standards, don't you think that ANY browser other than IE would have to be an improvement?

Fear My Hardware

the dual-screen monster!

So, you have of course heard about my new gaming PC that Berek designed for me. The basic parts were all ordered from NewEgg and the extras were purchased locally at Fry's. Well, here are the juicy details!

  • COOLER MASTER Centurion 534 Case
  • Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L Motherboard
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Q9450 Quad-Core CPU
  • Gigabyte HD-7950 3GB GPU
  • 8GB DDR2 RAM (Corsair PC2 6400)
  • Seagate 2TB SATA HD (3.0Gb/s)
  • PC Power and Cooling S75QB 750W Power Supply
  • Acer 24" P244W Widescreen Flat-Panel Monitor
  • Acer 22" AL2216W Widescreen Flat-Panel Monitor
  • Logitech G11 lighted gaming keyboard
  • Logitech G500 Optical Wheel Mouse
  • Cyberpower 850AVR UPS
  • Creative Live 24 Soundcard
  • 5.1 Surround speakers
  • Logitech LS-1200 Wireless Stereo Chat Headset
  • Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
Total Cost: About $2500 (plus a few updates/upgrades since then)


Now Reading

Princess of Wands by John Ringo

For A Few Demons More (The Hollows, Book 5) by Kim Harrison Just a few faves, and what I am reading now.

The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson

Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins


You will notice, down the right-hamd side, the little boxes that identify my main toons in each game. It does a little more than just that, automatically adding my toons to Game, Server and Guild categories, and I invite you to do the same! See PlayerTag for the documentation. Let everyone know who you are and where you play.


Azphelumbra! I am Bludwyng of ZAM and I play on Israphel for the Shedim Lords. Blood for Blood! Live Status Arieluma! I am Grimgutt and I play on Vaizel for the Seraphim Lords. Faith and arms! Live Status Character Name

Level, Race and Class




Bludwyng Asmodian Templar Israphel ZAM Asmo Main Bludwyng Elyos Chanter Zikel ZAM Grimgutt Elyos Spiritmaster Fregion The Forsaken Elyos Main Bludwyng Elyos Templar Fregion The Forsaken Shortbus Alt Algrim Elyos Ranger Fregion The Forsaken Shortbus Alchemist Cinderelyos Elyos Sorcerer Fregion The Forsaken Shortbus Alt Bludiron Asmodian Gladiator Israphel Armorsmith


I am Donal Dubh and I play on Povar

Character Name

Level, Race and Class



Donal Dubh 65 Human Bard Povar none Grumesh Veldrinen`Xukuth 48 Troll Shadowknight Povar none Hippocra Teaz 52 High Elf Cleric Povar none Mesmerelda 35 High Elf Enchantress Lanys T'Vyl none

EverQuest II

I am Tytania, The Glass Cannon, of The Relentless and I play on Lucan D'Lere

"All the power in the universe, in a small, flaming-fairy, package."

Character Name

Level, Race and Class




Bludwyng 52 Arasai Defiler Lucan D'Lere The Relentless

Tytania Glass`Cannon 80 Fae Wizard Lucan D'Lere The Relentless

Maladict M'Pyre 80 Teir'Dal Necromancer Lucan D'Lere The Relentless

Florence Sopher 80 Koada'Dal Templar/80 Sage Lucan D'Lere The Relentless

Mithrandyr Greyhaeme 73 Erudite Warlock/54 Jeweler Lucan D'Lere The Relentless

This is my primary game. I played EQ1 from shortly after launch, and have played EQ2 since a month after launch. This is the real game,the one and only, and if you are tired of "that game that everyone and they're idiot cousin plays" then try it out.

Free Realms

I am Bludwyng of There Is No Fifth Star and I play on 3

Character Name


Primary Jobs

Bludwyng Pixie 20 Adventurer, Miner, Pet Trainer and Wizard (so far) Donal Dubh Human Archer and Pet Trainer Total Expenditure as of 5/30/2009: $70 SC 7550

Legends of Zork

I am Saknussen

Lord of the Rings Online

I am Bludwen of There Is No Fifth Star and I play on Meneldor My LotRO Details

I am Gruemesh and I play on Meneldor translated from the Black Speech My LotRO Details

I am Yronblud of Death From Below and I play on Nimrodel My LotRO Details

Character Name


Level and Class

Vocation (Profesions)


Kinship or Tribe

Bludwen Elf 54 Rune-keeper Armsman (Supreme Prospector, Artisan Weaponsmith, Journeyman Woodworker) Meneldor TINFS Bluddo Hobbit 19 Burglar Tinker (Jeweller, Prospector, Cook) Meneldor TINFS Bludiron Dwarf 19 Guardian Woodsman (Supreme Master Farmer, Master Forester, Apprentice Woodworker) Meneldor TINFS Bludwyng Human 29 Warden Historian (Scholar, Weaponsmith, Farmer Meneldor TINFS Bluduil Elf 21 Lore-master Armourer (Expert Metalsmith, Expert Prospector, Expert Tailor) Meneldor TINFS Bludhilda Human 22 Captain Tinker (Artisan Jeweller, Master Prospector, Apprentice Cook) Meneldor TINFS Bludless Elf 45 Hunter Explorer (Apprentice Tailor, Artisan Forester, Apprentice Prospector) Meneldor TINFS Bludwebb Spider Weaver Meneldor Gruemesh Uruk Blackarrow Meneldor Yronblud Hobbit Hunter Woodsman (Woodworker, Forester, Farmer) Nimrodel Death From Below Grimgutt Orc Defiler Nimrodel

•Primary Professions are underlined.

For an outstanding impromptu soundtrack for LotRO I highly recommend that you go to, or get their Windows Sidebar widget, and set your "channel" to David Arkenstone.

Star Trek Online

I am Lieutenant Commander Expendable of the United Federation of Planets.

I am Lieutenant Bludv'ng for The Klingon Empire. Qapla'!!

Character Name



Race and Gender



Bludwyng Federation U.S.S. ZAM Wiki Human Male Starfleet Tactical Officer none Expendable Federation U.S.S. Allakhazam Betazoid Female Starfleet Tactical Officer none Bludv'ng Klingon I.K.S. Ferret Klingon Female KDF Tactical Officer none

Clone Wars Adventures

I am Bludwyng Darkcruise, Jedi Padawan,

Star Wars Galaxies

I am Hunglowwa, the Wookie,

Character Name




Hunglowwa Wookie I can't remember! none

The Matrix Online

I am Bludwyng Bludwyng

Runes of Magic

I am Bludwyng and I play on Govinda
I am Dona and I play on Govinda
I am Elbehreth of Tranquility and I play on Govinda
I am Mithrandyr and I play on Govinda
I am Bludwyng and I play on Osha
Character NameLevels and ClassesServerGuild
Bludwyng20/16 Mage/WarriorGovindanone
Dona12/10 Rogue/ScoutGovindanone
Elbehreth50/46 Druid/ScoutGovindaTranquility
Mithrandyr12/10 Druid/WardenGovindanone
Bludwyng7 Druid Oshanone
Hands down, this is the best Free-2-Play out there. Even as a dedicated EQ2 player I like relaxing in Taborea. You owe it to yourself to check it out, and the price is so right.


I am Maergoddin and I play on Seradon Maergoddin and Mnemonia on Seradon

Warhammer Online

Order I am Bludfyre of Lords of War and I play on Magnus for Order.

Character Name

Level, Race and Class



Bludfyre 30 Human Bright Wizard Magnus Lords of WAR Lothinlir 11 High Elf Swordmaster Magnus Lords of WAR Bludoath 10 Dwarf Ironbreaker Magnus Lords of WAR

Destruction I am Bludwyng and I play on Drakwald for Destruction.

Character Name

Level, Race and Class



Bludwyng 10 Dark Elf Witch Elf Drakwald none

World of Warcraft

I am Bludwyse and I play on Garona

Character Name

Level, Race and Class



Bludwynne 13 Undead Warlock Garona none Bludwyse 20 Blood Elf Mage Garona none Bludgard 23 Draenei Paladin Garona none Bludhownd 17 Night Elf Hunter Garona none Bludiron 23 Gnome Warrior Garona none

Bludwyng as she appears on Test, with her faithful sidekick, OhPositive


The Relentless
Fae Wizard
Lucan D'Lere
EverQuest II
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All the power in the universe in a small, flaming fairy package.

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