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Welcome to ZAM's documentation for wikibase editing, all you need to know about Wikibase editing right in one handy spot.

Our custom Wikibase system has been designed to closely match the MediaWiki platform so If you have used Wikia, MediaWiki or Wikipedia you will see that 90% of their markup, tools and functions will work here with very few changes.

First-Time Editors
Beginners Guide All you need to know to get you started with simple tips & tricks and where to go next.

Getting Help
Help Table of Contents From very basic help pages to slightly more complete help. Easier to read than our full documentation.
Wikibase Forums The ZAM forum for all things wikibase. Ask for advice, Find some given advice or give suggestions on how to improve the wikibase.

General Help
Guidelines to ZAM Wikibase An in-depth guide explaining the major elements of a wikibase article and how to submit a productive wiki article.
Basically a simple do's and Don'ts of the wikibase.
Everquest Cheatsheet A cheatsheet that has all basic formatting techniques and skills specifically for Everquest.
Cheatsheet A cheatsheet that has all basic formatting techniques and skills you could need for a very long time.
Wiki Formatting Creating bold, italics, indents, numbered lists, bullet points and other miscellaneous text formatting.
Tables How to Build tables to make your data appear orderly and how to edit an improve existing tables.See also:
  • Skin Specific Looks: Tables look graphically different in different ZAM skins, check them out here.
  • Tables in Action: See how each table class appears compared to each other to find the table class suitable.
  • Table Addon Skins: Check out how to use these extra CSS class to improve the look and feel of tables.
Links Creating Internal and External links.
Images How to upload images, display and customize how people see the images in the wiki article.
Headers Create and understand headers to organize content on Wikibase article

Game Specific Help
Directory Find game-specific information for all wikibase sites in one spot.
Naming Conventions Guidelines on naming new wiki articles separated into each game wiki.
Gameid Guide Find out how to use gameid when a template calls for it and find out what is the gameid for your Wikibase.
GameTag The essential tool that every editor should know.

Advanced Help
Directives Instructs the wiki compiler to do specific things
Templates: How To Syntax, notes, tips and tricks for writing templates.
Internal Functions Those functions defined by the devs and built-in to the Wiki engine
Proposed Functions These are functions that have been proposed but are NOT in the compiler (yet) and may not be used.
Templated Extensions Templates intended to provide extended capability using the built-in functions.
Global Templates Templates intended for use by more than one game.
Template Users Guides See the subcategories list for documentation of templates designed for a specific game.
Magic Words These are pre-defined variables you can use in any template. Some are similar to functions.
Bludwyng's Color
Scheme Test
This page combines multiple samples showing all the different classes that Bludwyng expects to find in each game's .css file. This page was created as a quick way to see how Bludwyng's classes look against the total .css for each game.

Admin Documentation
Maintaining Documentation Steps and Processes for admin to keep Documentation up-to-date.
Maintaining Gameid
Steps and Processes for admin to keep Documentation up-to-date for gameid.
  • useful for when a new gameid is developed
Boilerplates Pre-Constructed pages for repetitive article setups. Naming Conventions, help pages e.t.c
Building Documentation A guide on how to build help pages & documentation for a new Wikibase wiki.
Image Library Useful Images you can refer to and reuse for useful purposes. Will load slowly
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