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GameTag is a class of templates used here, one for each game, that adds a right-floated box with the games icon, a link to the wiki main page for that game, and links the page to the game's top-level category.

For example, EQ2 is the GameTag template for EverQuest II. {{EQ2}} should be placed on every page in the Wikibase that is not already categorized by some other game template. All db/wiki pages are automatically added to the master category so there is no need to tag the wiki page for a page like [[EQ2 Mob:a bog monster]] as the db interface already puts that page in Category:EQ2 Mobs and Category:EverQuest II.

The game-specific GameTag will have the same name as the gameid for that game (except for EverQuest, which is {{everquest]])

Also, all GameTags have a handful of options that can be used to automatically add that page to certain categories and has the capacity to have many more options and actions added to it. To see a list of these just go to the GameTag template for your game and the template page should explain all of the options.

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