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Although we are NOT going to try to document every single Emergency in this game, I thought it might be time to allow for a few of the less self-explanatory to have a place to explain them.

Emergencies are not Missions and that is why this category is not a sub of Mission Types (except it kinda is, as I added the redirect page to that category to help you get here).

Emergencies are like Public Quests, they are tied to a location and when you enter the area defined for the event you will see the name of the Emergency at the top center of your screen with the task just below that. All players who enter the area and contribute in any way will receive credit on a sliding scale based on contribution.

Some Missions, Pursuits and Contracts will send you to an Emergency location and actually depend on you completing the Emergency in order to complete the mission.

When an Emergency is complete it will shut down and will stay down so long as any player is within its area or until some much longer timer counts down. The fastest way to reset an Emergency you want to do again is leave the immediate area but stay close enough that your EGO will tell you when she detects something happening nearby.

Wikihelp Use Template:DefianceEmergency to link from any other page to an Emergency.

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