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There are 3 types of vehicles: Runners (ATVs), Rollers (Cars or Trucks), and Cerberus' (Truck with gun mount in the bed).

Patch 1.014 Note: This patch apparently doubled the price of most vehicles. Please ignore the prices displayed until I get it all re-gathered. Bit prices for vehicles in the Defiance Store have not changed.

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All color and price info is now kept on the individual Vehicle pages so we do not have to update it in more than one place.




Reward for completing Time Trials, there are currently no vendors for a Cerberus.


  • Vehicles Vendor at Iron Demon Ranch (Madera)
  • Vehicles Vendor at Headlands Transit Depot (Sausalito)

These are called Hidden Vendors by many players. They are not interactive unless all nearby enemies have been dealt with. Sphynxian treecats (from the Honorverse novels by David Weber) have a saying, "There are only two types of enemies; The dead and those that have not yet been dealt with."

  • Supplies Vendor at Hermit's Hideaway (Marin)
  • Supplies Vendor at Caretaker Cabin (Marin)
  • Supplies Vendor at Crystal Pond (Marin)

Introduced with patch 1.013, these vendors have some special vehicles that have different stats than the standard models available from Vehicle Vendors.

With patch 1.014 all the Racing Pro Vendors have vanished.

  • Racing Pro Vendor at Earth Republic Camp (Mount Tam)
  • Racing Pro Vendor at Happy Pow Ranch (Madera)
  • Racing Pro Vendor at Shondu's Consulate (Madera)
  • Racing Pro Vendor at Muir Processing Plant (Marin)
  • Racing Pro Vendor at Headlands Transit Depot (Sausalito)
  • Racing Pro Vendor at Overpass (San Francisco)

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