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We will NOT be trying to document every item in the game, only items from missions (and which mission gives them) or special weapons that require a specific action to obtain.

About Quality: Most, if not all, items in the game can appear at any quality level, although the name remains the same. This means that you can find a white FRC SAW and a blue FRC SAW. They will be the same weapon, just the stats will be better with the blue one.

About Gear: In some games, it is all about the gear. Even a noob can own if he has top-of-the-line gear. Defiance is not that game. Gear tweaks are small and cumulative. Even a 5000 EGO character can be schooled by a 100 EGO character if the player has the skillz. The best gear will help you survive and kill faster/better, and the best EGO Power and Perks will add little advantages, but the skill of the player, and choosing the right weapon/EGO loadout for the right circumstances, is the most important thing.

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Improving your weapon

  • Modding: Using the Salvage Matrix, you can Add Mod Slots and Add Mods to your weapon. Add Mod Slots, Remove Mods, and Retrieve Mods all require that the weapon NOT be equipped in ANY Loadout. See Mods for info on what mods go on what weapons and what they add to it.
  • Familiarization: Using your new weapon (except during arkfalls) will gain experience with the specific weapon and with the type of weapon in general. When the weapon's XP bar is full you will discover a random improvement when using that weapon but you will cease to gain Weapon Skill with it. This means you have to use new weapons outside of arkfalls to continue to rank-up your general weapon skill.
  • Synergy: Weapons and Mods can have Synergy, unlocking additional bonuses when the right weapon is coupled with the right mods. See Synergy for more information.

Weapon Stats Explained

  • DMG (Min and Max) - Bigger is better. Shotguns and cluster grenades or rockets will indicate how much DMG each projectile can do. Achieving Max DMG with a Shotgun depends on the choke (Bloom mod) and distance to target.
  • DMG/Sec - BMGs only. Offensive mode only.
  • Heal/Sec - BMGs only. Defensive mode only.
  • Link Range - BMG Only. How far from your target a second target can be for the effect to chain to him.
  • Fire Rate - Rounds/second at full-auto or as fast as you can possibly pull the trigger.
  • DPS (DMG/Sec) - Not displayed. To determine this, multiply the DMG by the Fire Rate.
  • Falloff DMG - This is the amount of DMG when your target is at or just beyond your weapons effective range, or at the edge of the Blast Radius. This is not shown on the weapons stats but there are mods, such as the Persistent Thruster barrel mod for Pistols, that improve it.
  • Mag - Magazine size. How many rounds can you fire before being forced to reload. Bigger is not always better. Weapons with large magazines tend to have longer reload times.
  • Reload - How many seconds it takes to reload the weapon.
  • Crit Mult - When you achieve a Critical Hit, this multiplier is applied to the DMG. Striking the "sweet spot" increases the chance of a Critical Hit. On humanoids this is generally the head, on monsters it is usually the spot that is glowing or colored differently. Check Category:Races for notes on each mob's "sweet spot".
  • Accuracy - Sniper Rifles only. The lower the number the better the more accurate it is. Scopes and Scope Mods reduce this number.
  • Recoil - Not displayed but this is how far each shot moves the barrel, requiring the user to adjust his aim or pulse-fire the weapon. Mods can help this a lot.
  • Bloom - Full-auto weapons only. The "cone of fire" (size of the targeting reticle) of a full-auto weapon grows as you continue firing. This indicates how wide of the exact center of your targeting reticle any individual round might drift. Using aim-mode makes it smaller. This "bloom" is the rate of growth of the reticle. Pulse your fire to keep the "bloom" down.
  • Blast Radius - Explosives only. Radius, in meters, of the area of damage.
  • Bug DMG - Infectors only. How much DPS a Bug does to its host.
  • Homing Range - Infectors only. Radius, in meters, that a Bug can survive without a host.

Elemental Damage

Many weapons do elemental Damage Over Time (DOT) in addition to base kinetic damage. The type of damage is indicated by a small icon next to the weapon icon. Shields may also indicate an Elemental type they defend better against.

 Biologicalpoison/disease, DOT
 Electricalstun. Against a player it disables the targeting HUD and minimap.
 FireDOT that also obscures vision.
 SyphonDOT that damages the shields and/or health of the target and transfers some of that to the user

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