A Most AWESOME!!! Quest (Zork Quest)  

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  • Type:
  • Level: 5

This quest is started automatically when you reach level 5.

Go to the Port Foozle base, there is a message waiting for you there.

  1. Find the missing shirt of AWESOME!!!
    • He says Hobbleguzz was wearing it when he died catching waves off The White Cliffs, so start there.
  2. The shirt of AWESOME!!! has been moved to "FRV", which is the Frigid River Valley.
  3. The shirt has been stolen from the shrine by pirates! Go to White Cliffs Beach and steal it back!
  4. You return to base, and to the nearest tavern, and encounter the surfer dude there. He takes the shirt and tells you to keep the chest.

Reward: 8,000Zorkmids 

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