Aotulia Volcano (RoM Zone)  

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Runes of Magic

This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.
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Runes of Magic Zone Information
TypePublic Outdoor
Expansion The Elven Prophecy
Level Range 53 to 56
Connecting Zones Savage Lands
DungeonsLair of the Demon Dragon, Hall of the Demon Lord, Zurhidon Stronghold
ResourcesDragonlair Wood, Fairywood, Abyssal Mercury Ore, Frost Crystal, Dragon Mallow, Mirror Sedge
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Under a gray sky clouded with volcanic ash lies this barren region with sparse, although exotic, vegetation. The architectural constructs of the Naga found here differ drastically from their outposts in other lands.

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Under a darkened sky full of volcanic ash and the stench of sulfur lies the Aotulia Volcano, which adventurers call the "claw of the magical dragon". Red hot lava flows everywhere on the surface of this land. The region is barren except for some plants of special structure. The constructions built by the Naga here are totally different from the outposts in the woods in terms of style and power.

It appears that the Naga have built a city under the supervision of a creature of extremely high intelligence but the truth behind this remains veiled as even the most capable scouts of the Order of Dark Glory have not been able to sneak past the Naga troops that guard the gate.

Aotulia Volcano — The Claw of the Magical Dragon

Aotulia Volcano is one of the largest volcanoes on the Candara Continent. It is said that the volcano has been active for more than 150 years without interruption. This is proof for the enormous energy the volcano still contains. The Eye of Wisdom once considered sending people to the Aotulia volcano in order to set up a research station and study the volcano activities. However, no one was able to get through the defensive lines of the Naga and the Bodos. Currently, the activities carried out by Varanas and the Order of Dark Glory are restricted to very few expeditions into the area.

Dead Tree Plains

Upon crossing the Great Barrier, adventurers will first see a barren plain littered with dead trees all covered in fog. It is no ordinary fog, but the very cause why the plain is completely barren. The plants and trees on the barren have been suffocated by the fog's high temperature and humidity. The plain is full of twigs and trunks not yet rotten and therefore called the Dead Tree Plains. Of course, the hot fog itself is not the main threat for adventurers breaking through the Great Barrier. It is the terrible demon hidden in the fog that should worry them.

Devil's Mouth

There is a huge crack cutting the whole area along the south side of the Aotulia Volcano in two. Rivers of magma can be seen through this crack - so the place is called the Devil's Mouth. It is impossible to travel through here without the help of magical powers. The high temperature is hot enough to burn the adventurers to death who trespass the area by mistake. Even the tough Naga themselves could not live under such circumstances. Therefore this is one of the few places the Naga have abandoned long ago. Yet this does not mean there is no sign of life. The Flame Demon, a flame giant feeding on hot rocks with lava flowing through his veins, lives in this dangerous environment.

The Steel Bridge of Cremation

In their efforts to set up supply lines, the Naga built a huge steel bridge at the Devil's Mouth. This bridge spanning the Devil's Mouth has heated up to red heat. This doesn't pose a great problem to the Naga (compared to the bottom of the Devil's Mouth, this is a temperature they can stand) but for human troops the sheer heat of the bridge is an insurmountable barrier to the magical capital. Therefore, scouts call the bridge the "Steel Bridge of Cremation".

Valley of Burning Rocks

The Valley of Burning Rocks is located at the end of the Devil's Mouth. It is the only exit to the huge crack (supposed one can get through the bottom of the Devil's Mouth). Naga troops have gathered their key metallurgical facilities here. The Naga use magic power to enslave the Flame Demon to power their furnaces. This is the reason why they can forge large quantities of weapons without pause. The Valley of Burning Rocks is an important fort connecting the Nagas' magical capital with the Devil's Mouth. However, as the Naga believe that no one will make it through the Devil's Mouth alive, it is a weaker link along their supply lines compared to other camps or fortifications. It is said that a team of scouts from the Order of Dark Glory once made his way here by special means. Unfortunately they were not could not make it out alive, so the knowledge of how they were able to get through the Devil's Mouth never reached their headquarters.

Boiling Blood Outpost

This is the biggest and most important outpost before entering the magical capital. It is built on several lava pools at the foot of the Aotulia Volcano. For humans, it is a nightmare to get close to these high temperature lava pools, let alone crossing them. Walking between the outposts, the blood feels like boiling and that is how the outpost obtained its name. The local General Red Snake stationed in the boiling blood post is one of the most trusted followers of the Naga General. General Red Snake is a purebred Naga and a real virtuoso with fire magic. Scouts entering his outpost have been burnt to charcoal by him. He placed all those burned bodies outside his post as a warning to all human scouts: it is nearly impossible to enter the magical capital of the Naga.

Lair of the Demon Dragon

Southwest of the Aotulia Volcano, the Naga employ their elite troops as guards. Surprisingly, the number of defenders is almost equal to the number that guards the gate to the magical capital. This fact has always puzzled the scout teams. Why would the Naga allocate such a large battalion to this place? Are they guarding against enemies, or protecting something? Except for some strange noises which can be heard occasionally, little is known about the activities in this mysterious mountain. It looks as if only the boldest of the adventurers could help finding out more about these mysterious secrets.

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