Savage Lands (RoM Zone)  

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Runes of Magic

This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

Runes of Magic Zone Information
TypePublic Outdoor
Expansion The Elven Prophecy
Level Range 52 to 55
Connecting Zones Weeping Coast, Aotulia Volcano, Silverspring (via Hall of Survivors)
DungeonsHall of Survivors
ResourcesTarslin Demon Wood, Moon Silver Ore, Sinners Palm, Dragonlair Wood, Abyssal Mercury Ore, Dragon Mallow, Fairywood, Frost Crystal, Mirror sedge
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Hardly any sunlight at all is able to pierce the thick canopy of this rainforest, casting a dark and dreary gloom over the forest floor below. Yet not all here is as dismal as it seems, for hidden among the treetops is an ancient Elven settlement where adventurers can recuperate and stock up their inventories.

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After passing through the dark and dangerous Jungle Marsh, adventurers will find themselves facing the edge of a large, pristine rainforest. Huge tree canopies allow little light to filter through, so the dark trees appear even more dangerous. However, not everything in the rainforest is gloomy. In the ancient elven base, the adventurer can enjoy plenty of sunshine and may, before conquering the dense rainforest of the Savage Lands, re-equip themselves.

The rainforest, filled with the sounds of many creatures, can be a dangerous place. Adventures who were lured by these sounds and neglected to pay attention to their surroundings, soon fell into the hands of the many predators that inhabit the rainforest. Apemen, carnivorous humanoid creatures, will seize any opportunity to attack trespassing adventurers. They may look harmless and timid, but that doesn't mean they can easily be beaten.

Then there are the cold-blooded nighmares, the Nagas! The only good news about the Naga presence in this zone is that they have not yet set up as many strongholds as in the Jungle Marsh. Their fortifications in the rainforest are merely guarding their supply lines.

North of the Naga supply line lies Lake Heron, a peaceful mountain lake, that is the main water supply for the Savage Lands. But less and less water runs from the Lake Heron despite continuous rainfall in the Savage Lands. Creeks spreading across the forest have dried up and large trees on the other side of the forest have been dying. The Order fears that the Nagas are responsible for this. However, in order to carry out an expedition to the source of Lake Heron, the defensive system of the Nagas' supply line would need to be crossed.

Further away from the dreadful Naga posts, the adventurers will find a small settlement that looks familiar somehow: the Fungus village. While the Fungus appear to be cheerful and harmless that however doesn't mean that the adventures may come and go as they please. The Fungus King and his guards are said to be strict and unforgiving when it comes to protecting their tribe and land.

On the other side of the dense rainforest, adventurers will eventually encounter the Great Barrier, which lies between them and the Aotulia Volcano.

There are different stories as to who was so powerful to create this wall. One thing is for sure: whoever set it up, wanted to make sure that absolutely nothing could get out from the other side...[1]

Be prepared for MUCH harder fights than you have been used to. Every mob in this zone has the HP of an Elite, although they do still hit like a normal non-Elite. Fights here will take much longer.

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