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Cocunuts are the microtransaction currency of Legends of Zork. You buy them with real-world cash and can then spend them in the game to buy Advantages.

NOTE: The following information may change without notice, and may be subject to special promotion pricing, whim of the gods, etc.

The baseline pricing at launch is:

  • Juggler's Trio of Coconuts - $2.00 USD for 3 Coconuts - $.6666/Coconut
  • Suitcase of Coconuts - $5.00 USD for 10 Coconuts - $.50/Coconut
  • Crate of Coconuts - $10.00 USD for 25 Coconuts - $.40/Coconut
  • Wagonload of Coconuts - $20.00 USD for 60 Coconuts - $.3333/Coconut
  • Boatload of Coconuts - $50.00 USD for 160 Coconuts - $.3125/Coconut

This yields a real-world value for a single Coconut ranging from $.6666 down to $.3125 with a median of $.40

For any display in this wiki where we show real-world cost of in-game items we will use the value of $.40/Coconut.

Purchase may be made (via Jolt's secure payment site) by Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal, and by the following Prepaid cards: Paysafecard, Webmoney and Moneybookers. No Prepaid gamecards are currently available. All Coconut packages are not available by all payment methods.

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