Ravenfell (RoM Quest Series)  

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Quest Series
Starting ZoneRavenfell
Rec. Levels46 to 50
Previous Dust Devil Canyon
Next Weeping Coast
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This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.
Runes of Magic
Quest Series

There are several interesting stories in this zone, most of which intersect in at least one place.

To help with all this I am trying to work out a Ravenfell Historical Timeline.

Daily Quests Reference for Ravenfell
Mob(ject)sAreaDaily DropsDaily QuestXP per Completion
6 Port Robber
6 Port Rascal
6 Port Bandit
Nameless Port If the Road Won't Turn, Change Your Path41,888
Smelly Dirt Fat Worm x10 (Ggl)Is It so Tasty?41,888
Wasteland Hyenaaround Nameless PortWasteland Hyena Bone x10 (Ggl)Folk Medicine Prescription41,888
Wave FlowerNameless PortWave Flower x10 (Ggl)Silent Concern41,888
Four Winged Vulture Vulture Stomach x10 (Ggl)Equipment Cleaner44,207
Deadland Sand Scorpion
Mutated Sand Scorpion
Sand Scorpion PlainsComplete Sand Scorpion Shell x10 (Ggl)Hard on the Outside, Soft on the Inside44,207
Shadowmoon Pirates Things Stolen by Pirates x10 (Ggl)Steal Anything44,207
Deadland LizardSand Scorpion PlainsLizard's Vocal Sac x10 (Ggl)Peculiar Eating Habits44,207
Stampeding Scealok
Tsunami Scealok
Scealok's Stick Skin Secretion x10 (Ggl)Cosmetic Materials44,207
Kill 10 Fierce Pirate Revenanteast of Throne of the Wind They Deserve It44,207
Wasteland SkipperThrone of the WindSoul Dust of a Skipper x10 (Ggl)??????
Wasteland SkipperThrone of the WindEssence of Wasteland Skipper x10 (Ggl)??????
HaystackShackle CoastStraw Collected by Chelons x5 (Ggl)Pirate Superstition46,498
Wind ElementalThrone of the WindPower of Pure Wind x5 (Ggl)Powerless46,498
Earth Shell CrabStorm Pass to Wing LakeSpawn of Earth Shell Crab x10 (Ggl)Unforgettably Delicious79,832

Nameless Port


  1. [46] The Nameless Port's History - Learn more about Nameless Port.
  2. [46] Inspect the Nameless Port - Investigate the ruins
  3. Help the Men
  4. [46] Last Wish - Take the necklace to Marlow Rhodes at Calamus Manor
complete the above sequence to earn the title, I Know The Village Chief's Greatest Regret. Continuing the sequence at The Cost of Honor grants an additional title.


Rose Westwood

  1. [48] Scorpion Tail Venom - Obtain Scorpion Tail x10 (Ggl)
  2. [47] The Power to Protect - Obtain Weeping Wind Stone x10 (Ggl)

Storm Pass

Talida Shinre

  1. [46] Talida's Problem - Obtain Bullfrog Leg Meat x10 (Ggl)
  2. [46] Talida's Other Problem - Obtain Crab Meat x10 (Ggl)

Calamus Manor

The Treasure Trove of the Black Mary
Dramatis Personae: Marlow RhodesAfellowCheney ChanepShikudeKain

  1. [47] The Cost of Honor - Get Freshly Harvested Tabork (Ggl) from the shed.
  2. [47] Suspicion - Check up on the Chanep brothers.
  3. [47] Mysterious Scroll - Confront Cheney Chanep
  4. [47] Pirates' Developing Agent - Get ingredients from Sailor's Graveyard
  5. [47] Written in Blood - Maybe Shikude can make sense of it
  6. [47] Truth? - You've been had.
  7. [47] Copy - Return to Cheney Chanep and get the truth out of him
  8. [47] Legacy of Inheritance - Listen to Kolodo
  9. [47] Pirate Appraiser - Return to Shikude and ask his help, again
  10. [47] Non-existent Clues - Take the parchment to Kain the Old Drunk
  11. [47] Ravenfell's Living History - buy some Cheap Brown Ale x5 for Kain
  12. [47] Dirty Decryption Book - Find Kain's book
  13. [47] Good Drinks are Just the Start - buy some Nobodies' Rum x5 for Kain
  14. [47] Big Lobster on the Sand Dunes - Find the Lost Key (Ggl)
  15. [47] Truth-telling Liquor - buy some Captain's Brandy x10 for Kain
  16. [47] Complimentary Guard - Find the Silver Box (Ggl)
  17. [47] Truth on a Sheepskin Parchment - Listen to Kain's story
  18. [47] A Faithful Servant - Meet the guide at the Sailor's Graveyard
  19. [50] Dumb Love - Put Snow Blake's soul to rest.

The Second Young Lady
Dramatis Personae: Anna ZillyDessigon DizYaniha BimeyDerek AliSonoraRose Westwood
unlocked when you complete The Cost of Honor

  1. [47] Entrusted by Anna - Deliver a letter to Dessigon Diz.
  2. [47] Secret Treasure Box - Dig up the box she was given.
  3. [47] Yaniha Bimey, the Craftsman - Get the box opened.
  4. [47] Fantastic Material - Get materials to help open the box.
  5. [47] Letter for Pannisa - Show the letter to Dessigon.
  6. [47] Buying Information - Pay for leads.
  7. [47] Two Birds With One Stone - Confront Sonora/Lanarus.
  8. [47] Transaction - Bring Yellow Crystal x10 (Ggl)
  9. [47] Pearl Earrings - Find the lost Pearl Earrings (Ggl)
  10. [47] Vivian - Pick Vivian's favorite flowers.
  11. [47] Ice Crystal Necklace - Inform Anna of Vivian's promise.

Sailor's Graveyard

Yaniha Bimey

  1. [49] Burying the Hatchet? - Ask Rotten-nose Porgy "Why can't we all just get along?".


  1. [50] Forgotten Son - Recover Talomo's Remains (Ggl) from Treasure Trove.

Abandoned Fortress

Treasure Trove Access Series
  1. [46] Picking on Chickens - Kill a Chicken.
  2. [46] A Simple Weeding Job - Kill 10 Dry Demon Weed.
  3. [46] Fishing? - Kill 10 Tsunami Scealok.
  4. [48] Breakthrough in Reputation - Kill many Shadowmoon Pirates.
  5. [48] Foul-mouthed Cudder - Kill Foul-mouthed Cudder.
Treacherous Masheg
  1. [47] The Cold Truth of Betrayal - Use torture to learn the truth.
  2. [47] Mystery Juice - Extract Demon Weed Juice x6 (Ggl)
  3. [47] Scorpion Pupa Surprise! - Gather Deadly Poison Powder x8 (Ggl)
  4. [47] Eradicate the Traitors - Death is a fair reward for traitors...
  5. [48] A Nice Surprise - Curse Rotten-nose Porgy
Nauseating Lanait
  1. [47] Tasty Worms? - Get Fat Worm x10 (Ggl).
  2. [47] Fruit of Angels - Get Angel Fruit x8 (Ggl).
  3. [47] Giant Wolf Poop - Get Giant Wolf Dropping x8 (Ggl).
  4. [48] Sand Scorpion Neep - Kill Neep.
  5. [48] Delivery Cart, a good disguise? - Steal Porgy's Lucky Egg (Ggl).
Lame AysusGrace
  1. [47] Burn it up! - Put out the fire within 3 minutes (or die)!.
  2. [47] Home Delivery - See Grace.
  3. [47] Take the Mulled Wine to Old Sajjid - Deliver the wine.
  4. [47] Give this Bottle to Aysus - Deliver a bottle.
  5. [47] Can Pirates Hunt? - Get Wasteland Skipper Wing x8 (Ggl) within 20 minutes.
  6. [48] First-aid Expert - Get a Certification from the Benevolent Wandering Doctor.
  7. [48] Emergency Rescue - Rescue 10 Small Crabs from the Shadowmoon Pirates.
Sloppy Chef ColeBrave Bill
  1. [49] Hunting Brave Bill - Find a way into Treasure Trove and find Brave Bill.
  2. [50] Make a Bet With Brave Bill - Kill Black Sail pirates in Treasure Trove

The Curse of the Black Mary
Dramatis Personae: Kondos WhiskeyKabuki TabukiLosa Habi

  1. [47] Candace's Gold Coins - Ask about the cursed gold coins.
  2. Gather the Cursed Coins:
  3. [47] Let The Wind Break Down Trouble - Sacrifice the cursed coins at Throne of the Wind.
  4. [47] Sorry, You Dropped Something - You didn't think it was that easy to remove a curse, did you?
  5. [47] The Reason Behind the Gold Coins - Trade the "cursed" coins to a researcher.

Derek Ali - Continues after Two Birds With One Stone

  1. [47] Holy Cosmetics - Gather Mystic Essence x10 (Ggl) from Deadland Sand Scorpions

Seguchi Pierre

  1. [49] Another Treasure - Buy his cut for Phirius Token Coin x20
  2. [49] The Treasure Burial Place - Take the shell to Giani Charlize
  3. [49] Lost Heirloom - Retrieve Heirloom Jade Pendant (Ggl) from a Chelon nest.
  4. [48] Cursed Dion - Kill Crooked-brow Dion
  5. [48] Annoying Whispering - Find Will Alian
  6. [48] Injured Chelons - Put the salve in the Drying Haystack

Breda Slovak - min 48

  1. [50] Ring and Revenge - Find the Ring of the Rhodes (Ggl) in the Treasure Trove

Morgan Chedwick - min 48

  1. [50] The Black Mary's Ship Log - Find Black Mary's Ship Log (Ggl) in the Treasure Trove

Kelt - min 48

  1. [50] Seaman's Yarn - Find information about the Black Mary and the golden goblet in the Treasure Trove

Cooke Dast - min 48

  1. [50] Lookout Luke - Collect a debt and listen to a tale
  2. [50] Cursed Compass - Get Luke's Cursed Compass (Ggl) from inside the Treasure Trove

Megiddo - min 48

  1. [50] With the Sword in your Hand - Kill Boulder Sidaar in the Treasure Trove

Abandoned Fortress Bulletin Board - Daily Quests

Throne of the Wind

Femini's Spirit

Sange Lede

  1. [49] Helping Sange's Research - Obtain Wind Element Ball x10 (Ggl)
  2. [49] Lost Book - Fetch a book from camp
  3. [49] Where is the Research Book? - take the book back to Sange
  4. [49] Rune of Wind - Deliver the Wind Rune (Ggl) to Bisa Anma.
  5. [49] Secret Transaction - Return the Mysterious Cloth Bag (Ggl) to sange Lede.

Ailic's Community

The Legend of the Black Swordsman
Dramatis Personae: Gunefo MaddisBig DennisKabuki Tabuki

  1. [48] Instrument Recovery - recover the three recording crystals
  2. [48] Strange Man in a Black Cloak - Ask Big Dennis about the legend
  3. [48] Forward to the Abandoned Fortress - Deliver the letter to Kabuki Tabuki
  4. [48] Stolen Merchandise - Recover Crystal Lens x12 (Ggl) on Shadowmoon Cove
  5. [48] Sailor's Warning - Give the message to the researchers at Ailic's Community
  6. [48] Defensive Preparation - Help the Black SwordsmanBig Dennis by collecting Essence of Wasteland Skipper x10 (Ggl).
  7. [48] Witness - Fire the Message Arrow and witness the battle.
  8. [48] Reason for Wearing the Black Cloak - Listen to Dennis' explanation.
  9. [48] Insipid Return - Tell Uncle Colobian the truth.
  10. [48] Barter - Take the Phase Shifter to Kabuki Tabuki.
  11. [48] Emergency! - Find Miffy Riley and save her.
  12. [48] Saving Miffy - Protect Miffy while she gets out of the box.

Shackle Coast

Ecology Research Team

Majoshat OleyBuruk WrightToodaNanum AlluyaVillain SobastAborjai AdetOndas ChanepAnna Zilly

  1. [48] Sweet Essence - Refill the three dispensers
    1. [48] Faulty Equipment - Ask Majoshat what can be done
    2. [48] The Dispenser Agent - Tell Buruk Wright that Starlight needs to be fixed... again.
    3. [48] Dispenser Repair Guy - Take the part and fix Starlight.
  2. [48] Old Lady Turtle - Deliver the book to Tooda
  3. [49] Stolen Book - Recover Tooda's book from the Shadowmoon Pirates
  4. [49] Links in a Chain - Ask innkeeper Nanum Alluya about the people who took Tooda's necklace
  5. [49] A Drunkard's Trail - Find Villain Sobast
  6. [49] A Gangsta's Honesty - Accuse Nanum Alluya
  7. [49] Price of a Necklace - Obtain Mutated Sand Scorpion Pincers x6 (Ggl)
  8. [49] Necklace or Pocket Watch? - Seek Aborjai Adet
  9. [49] Pocket Watch Power - Obtain Wind Elemental Crystal Nuclei x5 (Ggl)
  10. [49] Secret of the Pocket Watch - Aborjai shows you the hidden compartment with a portrait
  11. [49] Every Picture Tells a Story - Obtain Wind Elemental Crystal Nuclei x5 (Ggl)
  12. [49] Another Clue - Show the picture to Ondas Chanep
  13. [49] Chanep's First Task - Fetch water
  14. [49] Chanep's Second Task - Harvest peas
  15. [49] Chanep's Third Task - Take a letter to Anna Zilly
  16. [49] Anna's Plans - Take her response back to Ondas
  17. [49] The Truth of the Picture - Learn the identities of the people in the portrait

Will Alian

Shadowmoon Cove

Sandbank Drybone

  1. [49] A Mother's Wish - Take care of her daughter, Elsbeth

Ghost Town

Pada Teo

  1. [48] Making Mouthwatering Morsels - Get Hyena Meat x6 (Ggl)
  2. [48] Clean Water - Get Bottle of Clean Water (Ggl)
  3. [48] A Little Something Extra - Get Blackwinged Raven Meat x6 (Ggl)

Chachi Waka

Black Sail Camp

This is the entrance to the Treasure Trove. Quests that ask you to go there are scattered all over this page. To see them listed in one place, see Category:Treasure Trove Quests.

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