South Sascilia Steppes (RoM Quest Series)  

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South Sascilia Steppes
Quest Series
Starting ZoneSascilia Steppes
Rec. Levels15 to 20
Previous Howling Mountains
North Sascilia Steppes
Next Dragonfang Ridge
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Runes of Magic
Quest Series

If you want to view this zone's quests organized by Title granted for completion, see Sascilia Steppes (RoM Title Series)

Everything south of a line from the Sathkur Ruins to the Southern Barrier is level 15 and above. You would be well advised to stay north of that line until you are older.

To the east of Reifort Camp is the Obsidian Stronghold, a city with many amenities.

Because of the massive size of this zone, and due to a limitation in our wiki compiler, I have had to split this zone into two halves, North Sascilia Steppes and South Sascilia Steppes.

The following links will take you directly to the sub-section for the named POI in the North Sascilia Steppes Quest Series.

Sathkur Ruins


  1. [15] How could there be no tools. - Kill Grassland Drifters and Grassland Plunderers to get 15 Crosspick (Ggl)s
  2. [15] Dirty Cloth - Kill Fogland Swaggers to get 15 Dirty Neck Scarves (Ggl)
  3. [15] Pay Attention to the Mound Under your Feet - Examine 15 Suspicious Stone Tablets
  4. [15] Reap Without Sowing - Kill Fogland Seekers to get 15 Research Note (Ggl)s
  5. [15] "Purchase" Food - Buy food from Fogland Food Seller
  6. [15] We need Light! - Kill Fogland Lurkers to obtain 15 Everglowing Crystal (Ggl)s
  7. [15] Preparations for the Treasure Hunt - Speak to (and fight) Fauntle (Ggl)
  8. [15] The True Situation - Speak to Oddleg
  9. [16][Elite] Sweet Revenge - Kill Blaine
  10. [16][Elite] ?? - Kill Wild Blade-Ardise

Arcane Chamber of Sathkur

Zurhidon Camp

Ziwal's Expedition


Lander Hahok


Expedition Bulletin Board

Ashlar Camp

Pelards Sookla


Karj Goodly

Liej Ashlar

  1. [17] Ashlar Errands

Gojko Dogen

Thyma <Caravan Leader>

Ashlar Bulletin Board

Mispel Marsh

Dramatis Personae: Delicious LiquorNanbo SathkurMimi BoulYan Heymal

  1. [17] Delicious Liquor
  2. [16] Clue for an Ancient Treasure
  3. [16] Collecting Stone Tablet Writings
  4. [16] Identification of the Data
  5. [16] The Restored Stone Tablet
  6. [16] The Stone Fragment
  7. [16] Creating a Scalok Suit - Kill Scaloks until you find a perfect, intact skin.
  8. [16] Sewing the Scalok Suit - Take the skin to Mimi Boul to get it sewn up
  9. [16] Thick Thread Needed - Kill Crested Pigs to obtain 5 Crested Pig's Manes
  10. [16] Voice Alteration Mixture - Obtain 10 strains of Puman Plant (Ggl)
  11. [16] The Marsh Observer - Obtain 10 strains of Puman Plant (Ggl)
  12. [16] Snatching the Treasure - Find the treasure near Order of Dark Glory Vanguard
  13. [16] The Unlocking - Get a Master Key (Ggl) from Yan Heymal
  14. [16] The Order of Dark Glory Vanguard - Find Daled at Order of Dark Glory Vanguard

Yanchina Honneur

  1. [17] Scared Mimi Boul - Get Purple Dragonfly Blood x15 (Ggl)
  2. [17] Protective Gear - Get Giant Crab Pearls x12 (Ggl)
  3. [17] The Implied Confession

Talif Yuan

  1. [17] Grilled Fish Feast - Get Scalok Meat x20 (Ggl)
  2. [17] Roasted Pork Feast
  3. [17] Firewood Needed

Yan Heymal

  1. [17] Brewing Poison - Get Zermagman Flowers x10 (Ggl)
  2. [17] Testing the Drug - Test Strong Poison (Ggl)

Jente Pilis

  1. [18] Recovering Lost Love

Tais Delaykess

  1. [18] Secret of the Ruins - Obtain Purple Wing Membranes x10 (Ggl)

Order of Dark Glory Vanguard

  1. [18] Trials of a New Soldier
Hanning Niwana
Available only after all non-elite quests at this camp are complete.
Beli Bakd
  1. [18] Delicious Food - Collect 10 Delicious Crab Meat (Ggl) from Giant Torrent Crabs

Timlod Sid


  1. [20] Soldier's Revenge - Kill Cyclops Berserkers until you find Mark's Necklace (Ggl)


  1. [19] The Threat of the Magical Creatures - Obtain 10 Rock Beast Core (Ggl)s in Dogamor
  2. [19] Magical Material - Obtain 15 Special Magic Rune (Ggl)s frin Dogamor Crates in Dogamor


  1. [19] Rescue the Injured - Save 15 Trapped Mercenaries and Injured Mercenaries in Dogamor


Hatte Bured

  1. [20] Stop the Pain - Gather 15 Blackroot Grass
  2. [20] An Important Task - Take the message to Lyk in Dragonfang Ridge and give it to Anya March

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