Silverspring (RoM Quest Series)  

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Quest Series
Starting ZoneSilverspring
Rec. Levels10 to 25
Previous Howling Mountains
Elven Island
Next Varanas City
Aslan Valley
Contents [hide]
Runes of Magic
Quest Series

For quests that originate inside the City of Varanas, see the Varanas City Quest Series.

Epic Quests

There are 2 Epic Quest Series with Chapters that take place wholly or partially in Silverspring

Vahtos' Apprentice

Vahtos' Apprentice - found in multiple places throughout the zone, and even inside Varanas City, and beyond. They all give and complete the same quests. This series rewards five pieces of non-bound Superior-quality jewelry specific to Melee Fighters (Vahtos' Strike) or Magic Users (Vahtos' Spell). Obviously, you are not going to complete this series in Silverspring. See the links, below, to find the other pieces!

This is part one in the series which continues in Aslan Valley and concludes in the Ystra Highlands.

Cunning Necklace:

  1. [15] Advice from Vahtos' Apprentice - Kill 25 Silvermand Hounds
  2. [16] A Monster's Favorite - get 3 very rare drops from boars
  3. [16][Elite] Crafty Bernok - bait and kill Crafty Bernok
The next apprentice can be found in Aslan Valley.

Turmoil Ring: see Vahtos' Apprentice in the Aslan Valley quest series

Bloodthirst Earring: see Vahtos' Apprentice in the Aslan Valley quest series

Rage Earring: see Vahtos' Apprentice in the Ystra Highlands quest series

Cruelty Ring: see Vahtos' Apprentice in the Ystra Highlands quest series

Porgy series

This series actually starts in Howling Mountains

  1. [10] Porgy's Whereabouts - Find where Porgy has gone. (Ask Mike in Silverspring
  2. [10] Porgy's Safety - Kill Kobold Marauders until you find a Cage with Small Boar (Ggl)
  3. [10] Porgy's Savior - Take Porgy to biologist Bakejam in Silversping
  4. [10] Porgy's Fate - Get some Lavender from Herb Granny Pan in Lower City West of Varanas City
  5. [10] Porgy's Cure - Return the Dry lavender packet (Ggl) to Bakejam

Armor: Silverspring's Hope series

Silverspring's Hope Armor Set
Upper Body:
starts with Carphil

  1. [10] Driving Off the Kobolds - Kill 10 Kobold Marauders
  2. [10] Carphil's Report - Take the report to Mise
  3. [10] To Peerston - Take the report to Theron
  4. [12] Report on the Kobold Situation - Report to Teresa in Lower City West
  5. [14] Find the Lost Guard - Find Lanress
  6. [14] Rescue the Captured Guard - Kill a Kobold Marauder's Leader for the cage key.
  7. [15] The Lost Guard's Message - Report back to Teresa
  8. Handling the Kobolds:
  9. [16]*$91;Elite] Killing the Kobold Leader - Kill Kipos
  10. [1] Kobold Leader's Plans - Examine the Kipos' Secret Plan (Ggl) dropped by Kipos when you killed him.

Lower Body:

  1. [14] The Earth Rune Pillars - Attune the magnet to the three pillars
  2. [14] Suspicious Farmers - Punish 12 Evil Farmhands from Maidge's Farm and 12 Evil Servants from Maidge's Farm
  3. [14] Acidic Soil - Get 8 soil samples from Peerston's Farm and 8 soil samples from Maidge's Farm
  4. [14] Poison Recipe - Kill Morrison to get the Poison Recipe (Ggl)


  1. [16] Farm Plague
  2. [16] Rush the Pumpkin Harvest - Harvest 6 Unpolluted Pumpkin (Ggl)s''
  3. [16] Five-Leaf Markings - Speak to Omyr at Vender Caravan
  4. [16] Sample Analysis
  5. [16] Good News for the Farm - Deliver the Antibiotic Potion (Ggl) to Shalson at Dorian's Farm

Examine the Black Blood Merchants' Account Book to start this quest

Armor: Top-Secret Records series

Top-Secret Records Item Set
Wooky in Tagena

  1. [20] Nightmare
  2. [20] Dreamland Crystal - Speak to Celsia on the bridge
  3. [20] Ancient Dreamland - Alter the crystal at the Oblivion Shrine, then give it to Wooky

Lower Body:
Aymar in Forsaken Abbey

  1. [18] The Forsaken Abbey - Find an Old Diary (Ggl) in the monk living quarters.
  2. [20] Documents in Darkness - Find Forsaken Abbey Documents (Ggl) in the secret underground.

Upper Body:

  1. [20] Apprentice's Request
  2. [20] Mage Who did not return
  3. [20] Eliminating the Source of the Curse
  4. [20] The True Body of the Count Hibara

Examine a chest in a tent at Zurhidon Camp

  1. [20] Strange Chest

starts with Chris, a ghost just inside the Forsaken Abbey

  1. [20] Spirit Gathering Circles
  2. [20] The Secret of Evil Spirit
  3. [20] The Sole Survivor

Varanas Gates

outside the city

Ailic's Community Announcer

This mob is also involved in the Porgy series, above

  1. [10] Assisting Insect Research - Gather 10 samples of Beetle Body Fluid for Winsil at Peerston's Farm

Derek <Adventurer Instructor>

  1. [12] Rusty Weapons - Deliver Rusted Weapon to Alden, the Blacksmith in Lower City West.

Peerston Farm


  1. [] Laurana's Discovery - Take this report to Theron at Peerston Farm.


  1. [15] Derric's Gone Missing - Find Derric in the warehouse at Maidge's Farm
  2. [15] Critical Message - Take the message to Theron


  1. [15] Scheming Yuri


  1. [12] Wild Hogs - Kill 10 Hog (RoM Mob)|Mangy Hogs]
  2. [12] Bullish Boars and Wicked Wolves - Kill 10 Mutated Wolves


  1. The first 6 can be gotten at the same time:
  2. [12] Returning Legends of Taborea - Take Legends of Taborea to Vivian in the Hall of the Eye of Wisdom.

Vender Caravan



  1. [?] Farm Plague
  2. [?] Five-leaf Markings
  3. [?] Sample Analysis
  4. [?] Good News for the Farm



  1. [16] Stolen Chicken - Find Beruni
  2. [16] Looking for Stolen Objects - talk to the Traveling Peddler
  3. [16] Recovery - Take the 6 stolen chickens back to Tannik


  1. [16] Stolen Goods - Find a crate of Stolen Goods outside the Twilight Mine

Silverspring Bulletin Board - Daily Quests
Most, if not all, Daily Quests available here can also be started from the Varanas Bulletin Board.

Twilight Mine

Miuzi - outside the Twilight Mine

  1. [15] Eliminate the Danger - Defeat 5 Bandits and 5 Silvermane Hounds
  2. [15] Lost Goods - Return the necklace to Vender

Dorian's Farm


  1. [?] Rush the Pumpkin Harvest

Forsaken Abbey

Pete - on the path to the Abbey

  1. [18] Apprentice's Request
  2. [20] Mage Who did not Return
  3. [20] Eliminating the Source of the Curse
  4. [20] The True Body of the Count Hibara


Liam Pierre

  1. [?] Runestone Energy

starts with Chris, a ghost just inside the Forsaken Abbey

  1. [25] Spirit Gathering Circles
  2. [25] The Secret of Evil Spirit
  3. [25] The Sole Survivor



  1. [18] Amends - Obtain 10 Bright-colored Feather (Ggl)s from Ostriches.


  1. [19] Relic of the Ancient Kingdom - Make rubbings of 4 tablets in Tagena


  1. [19] Swindler's Request - Investigate Oblivion Shrine and kill 3 Tagena Patrolmen and 3 Tagena Wanderers
  2. [19] Dissipating All Fortune - Get near a relic guardian and use the rune


  1. [19] Alchemy Notes - Recover all 5 pages of Monks' Research Note (Ggl)s in Tagena
  2. [20] Scholar in Qilana - (min. 19) Give Journey of Little Hound (Ggl) to Gudisen in the Woodland of Qilana in Aslan Valley (RM Zone).

Musa - (min. 18)

  1. [20] Hermit of the Lake of Magic Mist - Speak to Hugo

Lake of Magic Mist



  1. [25][Elite] Releasing Ancalon - Defeat Demon Witch Ancalon to release Ancalon (Ggl)


Item Triggered


For any quests within Varanas, see the Varanas City quest series.

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