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Usage: {{Credit|gameid|iname=|inum=|inumpx=|sitename=|url=|person=|info=|imgtop=|lightlinks=}}

Use this generic credit template when a more specific one does not exist.


This site's game id. i.e. eq2, ffxi, eq, eqoa, etc. Default is www.
exact name of image file on ZAM's server (useful ONLY by admins). inum is preferred.
Number of an image uploaded via the Media tab. Suggest you upload it to the Category page linked to by this template, then back-track to plug in the image number. See inumpx if you need to resize the image on this side.
If defined, this will be used to resize the image named in inum. MINIMUM value is 96. Anything smaller will be truncated to 96 but the cell spacing will use the actual number you gave, causing the image and text to overlap! If you want a size smaller than 96px you will have to resize the image before uploading... HOWEVER, the media tab currently enforces a minimum upload size of 96 SO you are simply screwed until the devs fix this!
follow this with the name of the site you are crediting
follow this with the url of the page the information came from, if possible, or the main page of the site. There are a few restrictions... the url cannot contain an equal sign (=) and might not handle ? or & very well, either.
if person is not blank, ignore the rest of this and just credit that person.
If defined, will follow "for " at the end of the credit, else "some of the information in this article" is used.
(switch) Use this for site tag images that are very wide to put the img above the info instead of to the left of it
This will also link the page to [[Category:sitename Credits]]. Please follow the link (the first time) and put the following on that page: {{gametag}}[[Category: gameid Credits]] so if this is an EQ2 credit the category page should have {{eq2}}[[Category:EQ2 Credits]] on it. lightlinks=
(switch) Use on the person's credit cat page to link only up to the site's main cred cat.
See also: Category:Credits

Possible Error Categories

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