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Use this template to include a location in an article. This is preferred so that all coords on this system maintain a standardized appearance.

Location Coordinates in EverQuest II are mapped using an inverted Cartesian Coordinates system. When you use the /loc command in-game, the results appear in the form (x,y,z), but unlike the "normal" Cartesian system, x and z grow smaller as you move East or North, and larger as you move West or South.

Some have argued with me that it is ( x,z,y ) instead, that z is elevation. That would make sense if you were looking at the world from a gods-eye view, but I believe the devs were looking at it from the POV of living IN the world. In a 3-d world, z is depth, and so it is here. You could also call them width/height/depth, or ( w,h,d ), which is how the 3 dimensions are described in architecture, drafting, and modeling/fabrication.

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  1. x,y,z

  • uid= - (Optional) If defined and not blank, a link to EQ2MAP will appear to the right of the Location.
  • paren= - (Optional) If defined and not blank, the location will be separated from the surrounding text by parentheses.


{{EQ2 Loc|x,y,z|uid=|paren=}}


{{EQ2 Loc|-490,-40,-89|uid=597}}
Output: -490,-40,-89 Click here to go to EQ2Map
{{EQ2 Loc|-490,-40|paren=y}}
Output: ( -490,-40 ) - Created link to Category:EQ2 Locations with missing y coord
  • NOTE: If you are in-game and need to find something that only shows the x-z and not the y, substitute 0 for y and use /waypoint x,0,z then look at your map... X marks the spot and the wisp trail will point the way although it may be a little off!
{{EQ2 Loc||uid=597}}
Output: Click here to go to EQ2Map - No /loc is output, but a link to EQ2Map is displayed

Doc page at: EQ2_Loc_Doc

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