While for many games the proper form of the gameid is all upper-case, for some, such as LotRO, it is not.

This template is intended to be called by other templates, and will normalize the gameid, or return a default, or EQ2.

Although this template still functions exactly as described, an internal function, #gameid:, has been created to replace this function. See #gameid:

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(REQUIRED) An Allakhazam game id, such as eq2, eq, ffxi, wow, etc. The gameid is case-insensitive!
(OPTIONAL) If gameid is blank, default will be returned. If default is ALSO blank, EQ2 will be returned. If gameid is not blank, but is not in the list of supported gameid's, the UPPER CASE of the gameid is returned.
If name= is not blank or undefined, this template will return the full proper name of the game, rather than gameid. This should be the same as the top-level category for the game.
If siteid= is not blank or undefined, this template will return the domain prefix for the game, rather than gameid. If the game does not have a domain prefix, we return www
A FEW games need the name split to 2 lines for the displayed text for the game tag. IF this is one of them and name= is not blank, this flag tells it to use the 2-line version



  • returns: WoW
  • returns: Warhammer Online
  • returns: WoW
  • returns: EQ2
  • returns: EQ

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