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{{RoM Item

If the item is craftable, add the following fields:

If itemtype=Card, use Template:RoM Card instead of this template!

See Category:Items for all pages that use this template.

  • On 4/25/2012 I modified this template to remove all stats from items as these are one of the things devs frequently tweak when tuning a game. Also removed durability as this can vary. In the future, we will avoid tracking stats in wiki templates, leaving the maintenance of numbers to the database (if available). Pure wiki's should be concerned only with where does it come from, how do I get it, what does it do (in general), etc. -Bludwyng
  • 5/30/2012 - For Seeds, set itemtype= to Seed Ore, Seed Herbs or Seed Wood. The template will handle the rest. This is NOT to be confused with itemtype=Ore, Wood or Herb which is for resources not grown from seeds.


(optional) Uncommon (green), Superior (blue), Rare (purple), Epic (orange) or Special (brown). Anything else (including blank) is Common (white) which displays a white here but black in {{RoMItem}}.
(switch) If non-blank, the item is Bound (binds on pickup)
(switch) If non-blank, this is a Unique Item
(switch) If non-blank, the item Binds when Equipped
(switch) By default, if there are two pictures attached to the item page, the first (promoted) is assumed to be an icon (unless iconnum= or iconname= is not blank) and the second is assumed to be a picture of the item when equipped (a Portait). If this switch is not blank the Portrait image is suppressed.
See Category:Item Types (RoM) for a list of valid item types. If itemtype equals "Daily" or "Daily Quest" it will go to Category:Daily Quest (RoM Item Type).
IF type is Furniture, what kind of bonus does it give you, if any? If not blank the page willbe added to a subcategory of Category:RoM Item Shop Items with effects like Item Shop Items which effect bonustype (RoM).
IF type is Furniture, what amount of bonus does it give you, if any?
For GREEN stats and should NEVER be used unless the item ALWAYS has that effect on it. Any multi-line formatting must be added manually.
rune1= through rune6=
For GOLD stats ONLY
The name of the Item Set this item is a part of. itemtype (or settype) is used to determine which of the four subsets to display.
(optional) Needed only on non-armor items, such as rings, that are still part of a set. Use itemtype=Accessory but settype=Plate or whatever.
Additional description or notes (yellow text) that appears under the regular description (blue text).
(commalist) IF itemtype=Daily Quest, then this is the number of this item you need to complete each of the quests in relquests.
(optional) This is only for restrictions that are not covered by other fields, such as Requires Male or Requires Female.
soldby=, droppedby=
(commalist) List of merchants that sell this item, and list of mobs that drop this item. Replaces the older relmobs= for this template only (relmobs will still work but if either sellby or droppedby is not blank, relmobs will be ignored).
How many gold can it be sold for?

For Gathered items: skill=, skilllevel=

For gathered items, the name of the gathering skill and what level they can gather it at.
Name of the Object the item is gathered from.

For Refined items: refining=

If this item is a refined resource, put the skill here (such as Extraction)
(commalist) Can be used without refining= to indicate an item you open to get another item. The parent item goes here.
the quantities of this item you get when refining from fromitems (if applicable).

For Craftable items:
recipe=, recipeskill=, '''recipeskilllevel=

If this item is Crafted, recipeskill is who makes it, recipeskilllevel is at what level they can make it, and recipe is the name of the recipe. recipe= must NOT be blank or the recipe section will not be displayed!
Quality of the recipe.
(commalist) list of the materials needed to craft the recipe
(commalist) list of the quantity of the materials needed to craft the recipe (blank is NOT allowed, use 1)
(commalist) list of the qualities of the materials needed to craft the recipe. Default is Common.

For an example of a craftable item, see Potion of Earth Elemental Affinity. All craftable items can be seen in Category:Recipes (RoM).

possible error categories:

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If an image is uploaded to the item page the first image is assumed to be the Icon unless iconnum= or iconname= is not blank. If there is a second image (or a first one if iconnum= or iconname= is not blank) the image is assumed to be of the item when used or equipped. No automatic display of images is done beyond this.

Effects, Runes and Rune Slots

There are two kinds of Rune Effects on items, Random and Consisten. Random are in green and may be different on every instance of the item you see. Consistent are in yellow and will always be the same. ONLY the Consistent (yellow) rune effects (rune1 to rune6) should be reported. Same with non-rune effects (effect0). Most items CAN have rune slots but this is almost always random and, if present at all, will be 1 to 2. 2 is the max. runeslots= should be regarded as the max rune slots the item can have. As I learn more, if I learn it is ALWAYS 1-2 I may change this to show 1-2 if ANY value is in runeslots=.

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