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Use this template to link to a Runes of Magic Item. We do this so that, if future changes require moving things around, we can do it by bot and alter the linking here to fix it everywhere.

Other Resource link is provided by RoM OR Shortlinks

Usage: {{RoMItem|item_name|alternate_text|quantity|quality|commonwhite=|nolink=}}

If quality is green, blue, or purple, the link will be that color. ANY other value will color the item link "underlined black". quality is case-insensitive, of course. When used within certain other templates, or if commonwhite= has a value, the link color for "common" will color "white".

IF nolink= is not blank the item name is displayed with the quality color but is NOT linked! This is good for describing a group of items of a certain color without using the exact correct name.

The proper in game names are as follows, but we also have alternates for each. Any of them will work. All color names are case-insensitive.

ColorProper NameAlternatesNotes and Examples
whitecommonThis is the default. ANYTHING that is not a valid word will render as common.This actually shows in the wiki as black and underlined, or else it would be invisible!
greennormaluncommon, green, 1See Copper Sand
bluegoodsuperior, blue, 2See Dark Sage Trousers
purplerarepurple, 3Most Item Shop items are Rare. See Megaphone
orangeepicorange, 4See Card - Kal Turok Myrmex Queen
brownlegendaryspecial, brown, 5see Hormone Crystal
sky bluelevel 6 rarity6reserved for future use
magentalevel 7 rarity7reserved for future use
lavenderlegendaryitemshop, 8see Golden Repair Hammer (Ggl)
ochrelevel 9 rarity9reserved for future use
steellevel 10 rarity10reserved for future use
colors from in-game drop-down
colors from in-game drop-down

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