Attack on Kenn Farm (Defiance Emergency)  

Quick Facts
Season One
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Attack on Kenn Farm
  1. Help wounded ranchers (4)
  2. Defeat the Raiders

First wave is rescuing the 4 wounded ranchers. Then you are called to the barn and the main attack begins. EGO will call out a direction that the Raiders are coming from. With enough defenders you might just clear one wave out before the next comes in. Eventually, depending on how many ark hunters are involved, there will be 1-3 Raider Tankers.

Extraction Point is upstairs in the barn, which is also a perfect sniper's nest.

This Emergency is the best, and maybe the only, for the contract Rocket Surgery.

To reset this emergency quick, take the southeast road (between the barn and shed) and go to just past the root that grows over the road, turn around and go back in.

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