Northern Janost Forest (RoM Quest Series)  

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Northern Janost Forest
Quest Series
Starting ZoneNorthern Janost Forest
Rec. Levels58 to 59
Previous Southern Janost Forest
Next Limo Desert
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This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.
Runes of Magic
Quest Series

Daily Quests

Daily Quest Summary
LevelQuestEnding NPCStart LocationNeedsXP
59Chewy ThighsJojomo MothtoothRh'anka VilageKulang Leg Meat x6 (Ggl) from Swamp Kulangs in Dimstar Swamp127,754
59Delicious Python MeatSirak FoteSleyDelicious Python Meat x6 (Ggl) from Emaciated Javiass in Forgotten Laboratory127,754
59Dimstar Bolmu PoisonArt PikeRh'anka VilageDimstar Bolmu Poison x8 (Ggl) in Dimstar Swamp127,754
59Effective Anti-Itching LotionJaexis Spider skinRh'anka VilageAngren Bolmu Poison x5 (Ggl) from Angren Bolmus and 5 petals of False Flower of Winter (Ggl) in the forest south of Rh'anka Village127,754
59Effective DeterrentJaexis Spider skinRh'anka VilagePipi Tree Sap x5 (Ggl) in the forest south of Rh'anka Village127,754
59Kill the Giant SharptoothSirak FoteSleyKill Giant Sharptooth127,754
59Never-ending Blaze WeedSirak FoteSleyKill 10 Furious Blaze Weeds127,754
59Pest Control OpSirak FoteSleyKill 5 Rotwood Bugs127,754
59Pukari FurJojomo MothtoothRh'anka VilagePukari Fur x5 (Ggl) from Hidden Pukaris in the forest south of Rh'anka Village127,754
59Rare Orchid of BeautyArt PikeRh'anka VilageOrchid of Beauty x5 (Ggl) in Dimstar Swamp127,754
59Rotwood Bug AcidArt PikeRh'anka VilageRotwood Bug Acid x5 (Ggl) from Rotwood Bugs in Forgotten Laboratory127,754
59Sharptooth HuntSirak FoteSleyKill 10 Scarlet Sharpteeth127,754
59Sparkly Moon Breath GrassSirak FoteSleyMoon Breath Grass (Ggl) outside Croso Woodland127,754
59Tasty Bloodwing Fruit batsJaexis Spider skinRh'anka VilageKill 5 Bloodwing Fruit Bats outside Rh'anka Village127,754
59The Grotesque MaskJojomo MoontoothRh'anka VilageSly Beetle Shell x5 (Ggl) from Sly Beetles in Croso Woodland127,754
59Poisonous Frog Spawn Are NutritiousKimberly ††AngrenBottled Frogspawn x7 (Ggl) from Frogspawn127,754
59Incubation is the KeyKimberly ††AngrenJavias Egg x6 (Ggl) from Javias Egg in Croso Woodland127,754
† For whatever reason, Sirak Fote does not display a blue ! on the map. If you must, use World Search to find him.
†† Kimberly must be unlocked by completing Lijinda's Envoy from the Return the Glory quest series.

Multi-Zone Quest Series

Public Quests

Started in Southern Janost Forest

  1. Raffy in Arde camp
    1. [58] A Friendly Message -
  2. Kukry in Angren
    1. [58] Bad Neighbors -
  3. Dachacha Mantiswing in Rh'anka Village
    1. [58][Group] Skull Necklace - Kill Griffith Blackstar the Corrupted Centaur (63 Crown Elite)


Jacob Yensen - unlocked by completing Door-to-Door in Envoy of the Dragons quest series

  1. [58] Say: I love you. -
  2. [58] Shuver Kean's Mask Problem -
  3. [58] Time Challenge -

Rh'anka Village

Ailic's Community Announcer

Dada WormskinKulap

  1. [58] Hide Collector - Get Purple Hide x5 (Ggl) from Cylotoks
  2. [58] The Good Hunter - Talk to Kulap
  3. [58][Group] The Genuine Article - Kill the Sibwok (59 Crown Elite) in Dimstar Swamp

Sam Kanting [Dalanis Clerk] (Ggl) - Gives you a bag that opens into two bags full of level 60 weapons and gear.

  1. [58] Lance's Support - Choose suitable equipment

unlocked by completing Forbidden Entry in the Return the Glory quest series
Mumudo BugeyePinpink Mantiswing

  1. [58] Rh'anka's Devotion - Get Sharpro Tear x3 (Ggl)
  2. [58] Rh'anka's Forgiveness - Buy Non-poisonous Herb x10 (Ggl) from Fodder Merchant
  3. [58] Rh'anka's Truth - Talk to Dachacha Mantiswing


unlocked by completing Lijinda's Envoy in the Return the Glory quest series
GlickDikeyaMacheMessage in a BottleKuksaHanches

  1. [59] Picking Flowers - Get Radish Weed Flower x10 (Ggl) from Radish Weeds in Angren Forest
  2. [59] Beautiful Wrapping - Get Spring Fern Leaf x10 (Ggl) from Spring Ferns in Angren Forest
  3. [59] Handy Hands - Combine the Radish Weed Flower (Ggl) and Spring Fern Leaf (Ggl) into a Beautiful Bouquet (Ggl)
  4. [59] Bouquet for Mummy - Talk to Dikeya
  5. [59] Raising a Child - Talk to Mache
  6. [59] Nanna's Love - Talk to Glick
  7. [59] Mishap or Murder? - Get Red Grass (Ggl) and Poisonous Red Frog Mucus x5 (Ggl) from Poisonous Red Frogs in Dimstar Swamp
  8. [59] Investigation - Test Kuksa
  9. [59] Pointing the Finger - Read the note, then talk to Kuksa
  10. [59] Warning Dikeya - Warn Gukeya
  11. [59] Dark Wave of Vengeance - Kill Bukator
  12. [59] Appointment withe Great Hunter - Talk with Hanches
  13. [59] Deserted by Friends - Retrieve Bukator's Body (Ggl) and bring it back to Hanches so that Dikeya's confinement may be ended

Dimstar Swamp

unlocked by completing Callaway's Realization in the Return the Glory quest series

  1. [59] The Ambushed Elf - This is the first quest in the Epic series, The Degenerated Elves
  2. See The Degenerated Elves for the remainder of this series.

Rhaksha Temple

The following quests all take place within the level 60 instanced zone, Rhaksha Temple. They are unlocked by completing the quest Heartfelt Apologies (in the Return the Glory quest series) and are all one-offs with no follow-up quest.

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