{{GameTag Docs|gameid=}}

{{BWS|gameid=}} </noinclude>

NOTE: This template is used by all Game Tag Templates to perform the actual display.

All icons used are from Category:Game Icons. Icons there are expected no more than 60px wide, but if larger (or smaller) that is how they will display!

If nolink= is not blank the tag is displayed but no category links are created.

If nolink= is blank the page is added to Category:game_name . game_name is defined by GameID using name=y

If game= is not blank this game is just listed in our Gameslist but has no wiki.

If nolink= is blank and option= is (case insensitive):

If zam is non-blank, use the zam.com url, otherwise use allakhazam.com (DEPRECATED, No longer supported)

If cat= is non-blank, cat= and catdesc= are used to link to and display a link to a category, and option= is ignored!

See also: GameTag Docs, GameID

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