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This is the template you put on the template page to create the set. An item set requires a template page for the item set so that it can be transcluded to the item pages. This replaces but is backwards compatible with Template:Display RoM Item Set, which is now DEPRECATED.

So, if you have a set named "Test" you will need to create a Template called: "Template:Test (RoM Item Set)" and you call it like this: {{Test (RoM Item Set)|setname=Test|display=Cloth}}. This would display only the Cloth section of the set. Options for the value of display= are Cloth, ClothImage, Leather, LeatherImage, Chain, ChainImage, Plate, PlateImage or ALL. The default value is ALL so be sure you always define display=! This should not really be an issue as only RoM Item should ever be calling the Item Set's template directly.

The name of the Template page should be exactly as the set is named in game, so "Holy Source Set" is "Template:Holy Source Set (RoM Item Set)", and "Shadow Shark Suit" is "Template:Shadow Shark Suit (ROM Item Set)"

Accessories and Weapons use the cloth... fields, but be sure to set singletype= to Accessory or Weapon, accordingly.

Because display= defaults to ALL the template page built using this template will automatically display the full set. Just copy the skeleton, below, exactly as shown, paste it into your new page, then fill it in leaving display=, setname= and color= exactly as shown.

This template uses another template, Build RoM Item Set2, to perform the actual display of each section.

Images for the set should be uploaded to the Item Set's template page but this is not really required as the Image system is universal to the entire wiki (but let's try to keep it neat, ok).

If any ...items= field contains only the value X then the set does not have that type.

ALL fields on this template are commalist fields except: display, setname, numpieces, ...notes and ...inum

Pages built with this template are added to Category:Item Sets.


{{Build RoM Item Set

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