Essencetapping 205-250 (Aion)  


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Skill: Essencetapping: 205-250
Level ObjectTypeResourceZonesLocationsHarvesting Quests
210 Platinum Soft Metal Platinum Ore (PW/AA), Greater Platinum Ore, Pure Platinum Ore (PW/AA) Morheim, Eltnen, Beluslan, Heiron, Reshanta places Balom's Wages
Combat Preparation
215 Garnet Gem Garnet Ore (PW/AA), Big Garnet Ore (PW/AA) Morheim, Eltnen, Beluslan, Heiron, Reshanta places Amma's Birthstone
Garnets for Krato
Jewel of Passion
220 Neunan Herb Neunan (PW/AA), Fresh Neunan (PW/AA) Morheim, Beluslan places A Special Friendship
Heavily Medicated
Meon Fruit Meon, Meon Petal Eltnen places Helping the Hungry
225 Nepeta Herb Nepeta (PW/AA), Fresh Nepeta Eltnen, Heiron places Magical Shugo Grass
Herbs and Remedies
230 Rogen Vegetable Rogen, Seed of Detection Morheim, Beluslan places
Pleuro Fish Pleuro (PW/AA) Eltnen, Heiron places Helping the Hungry
235 Sobi Fiber Sobi Fiber Eltnen, Heiron places A Personal Gift
240 Zeyla Vegetable Zeyla, Seed of Detection Eltnen, Heiron places Helping the Hungry
Brommel Fruit Brommel, Brommel Petal Morheim, Beluslan places Comfort Food
Warden Needs Food Badly
245 Lazuli Gem Lazuli Ore (PW/AA), Big Lazuli Ore (PW/AA) Morheim, Eltnen places Krato Needs Lazuli
250 Salix Log Wood Salix Log (PW/AA) Morheim, Beluslan places
Ulmus Log Wood Ulmus Log (PW/AA) Eltnen, Heiron places Holy Reconstruction!

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