Essencetapping 55-100 (Aion)  


Collection Collection 1-49
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Aethertapping Aethertapping 1-499

Skill: Extract Vitality: 55-100
Level ObjectTypeResourceZonesLocationsHarvesting Quests
55 Krimer Vegetable Krimer Altgard places A Change of Diet
Liguri Vegetable Liguri Verteron places
60 Crystal Gem Crystal Ore Altgard, Verteron places
65 Blueta Fish Blueta Altgard places
Modida Fish Modida (PW/AA) Verteron places
75 Horto Vegetable Horto, Fine-haired Larva Altgard, Brusthonin places Branching Out Further
Pollution Solution
Dado Vegetable Dado (PW/AA) Verteron, Theobomos places
80 Amethyst Gem Amethyst Ore Altgard, Verteron places
Seedless Ringa Fruit Aether Meteorite Pernon, Oriel places
85 Blicora Shellfish Blicora Altgard places Disgruntled Workers
Venera Shellfish Venera Verteron places Can't Please Everyone
90 Ringa Fruit Ringa Altgard places
Caprauna Fruit Caprauna Verteron, Eltnen places
95 Kisaki Fish Kisaki Altgard, Morheim places
Afari Fish Afari Verteron, Eltnen places The River Predators
100 Titanium Hard Metal Titanium Ore, High-Grade Titamium Ore (PW/AA) Morheim, Eltnen places Titanium Tribute
The Price of Titanium

At 99p your progress will be stopped until you visit the Extract Vitality Master in your home city. He will teach you what you need to know to expand your skill, attain 100p and increase your maximum to 199p.

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