Essencetapping 255-300 (Aion)  


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Skill: Extract Vitality: 255-300
Level ObjectTypeResourceZonesLocationsHarvesting Quests
255 Jardine Fish Jardine Morheim places Warden Needs Food Badly
260 Xilix Fiber Xilix Fiber, Xilix Fiber Bundle (PW/AA) Morheim, Beluslan places Cabon's Request
Good for Frostbite
Ormea Fruit Ormea (PW/AA), Ormea Petal Heiron places
265 Megrim Fish Megrim Heiron places Roina's Craving
270 Calamot Herb Calamot (PW/AA), Fresh Calamot, Healing Root (PW/AA) Morheim, Beluslan places
Amalil Herb Amalil, Fresh Amalil, Healing Root (PW/AA) Heiron, Theobomos places A Cooling Drink
275 Pressa Fruit Pressa, Pressa Petal Morheim, Beluslan, Brusthonin places Hungry Bubu Kong
280 Moonstone Gem Moonstone Ore (PW/AA), Big Moonstone Ore (PW/AA) Eltnen, Morheim, Heiron, Beluslan places
Almeha Shellfish Almeha, Mikaron's Memento (PW/AA) Beluslan places Craving for Almeha
Triora Vegetable Triora, Seed of Detection Heiron, Theobomos places
290 Zeller Vegetable Zeller, Seed of Detection Morheim, Beluslan, Brusthonin places Zeller Soup
Esosa Fish Esosa, Liuron's Memento (PW/AA) Heiron places Energizing Food
Asking for Help
300 Orichalcum Soft Metal Orichalcum Ore, High-Grade Orichalcum Ore (PW/AA), Pure Orichalcum Ore, Life Crystal, Brilliant Orichalcum Ore Brusthonin, Theobomos, Beluslan, Heiron places Orichalcum to Enchant Weapon
Holey Holy Grounds
Huge Vine Wood Contaminated Vine (PW/AA) Dark Poeta places

At 299p your progress will be stopped until you visit the Essencetapping Master in your home city. He will teach you what you need to know to expand your skill, attain 300p and increase your maximum to 399p.

Asmodians: Salix Log, Calamot, Pressa and Zeller can be found inside the guarded fences of Chaikata's Hideout, as well as Xilix and more Salix Log, Calamot, and Pressa just outside and Jardine in the stream!

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