Essencetapping 1-50 (Aion)  


Collection Collection 1-49
Essencetapping 1-50 55-100 105-150 155-200 205-250 255-300 305-350 355-400 405-450 455-499
Aethertapping Aethertapping 1-499

Skill: Extract Vitality: 1-50
Level ObjectTypeResourceZonesLocationsHarvesting Quests
1 Rootless Azpha Herb Aether Meteorite Pernon, Oriel places
Azpha Herb Azpha, Fresh Azpha Altgard places
Aria Herb Aria, Fresh Aria Poeta, Verteron places
Conide Shellfish Conide Altgard places
Inina Shellfish Inina Verteron places
5 Cypri Fish Cypri (PW/AA) Verteron places
Pujery Fish Pujery Altgard places
10 Mela Fruit Raydam Ishalgen, Altgard places
Mela Fruit Mela Poeta, Verteron places
Raydam Fruit Raydam Altgard places
15 Iron Hard Metal Iron Ore Altgard, Verteron places
20 Kukuru Vegetable Kukuri (PW/AA) Verteron places Collecting Kukuru
Briga Fruit Briga Altgard places
25 Tikel Fiber Tikel Fiber Altgard places
Ruko Fiber Ruko Fiber Verteron places Feed a Cold
30 Tecoma Log Wood Tecoma Log Altgard places
Betua Log Wood Betua Log Verteron places
35 Silver Hard Metal Silver Ore Altgard, Verteron places Secret Trade
40 Rose Quartz Gem Rose Quartz Ore Altgard, Verteron places
45 Kandula Herb Kandula (PW/AA), Fresh Kandula Altgard places Gathering Kandula
Targena Herb Targena, Fresh Targena Verteron places
50 Otombliss Fruit Otombliss Altgard places
Rubus Fruit Rubus Verteron places Feed a Cold

The beginner skill, Collection, can be used on harvestable objects in Poeta and Ishalgen up to 49p. When you Ascend, Collection is converted to the Lesser Extract Vitality skill, preserving the skill points you had in Collection.

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