Gold (Aion Object)  

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Object Info
Type Harvestable (Soft Metal)
Zone(s) Eltnen, Morheim
Location(s) See Gold Harvesting Places
Skill Essencetapping (160p)
Resources Gold Ore (95%)
Greater Gold Ore (5%)
See also: Harvestables
Other Resources: PowerWikiArmoryAiondbGoogle

NCSoft has modified the XP gain from harvesting frequently enough that it is not reasonable to try to keep up with it in a wiki.

Pathfinding cannot be used to locate resource nodes. Gathering Hats can be used to mark resource nodes near you on the minimap.

In Theobomos only, this node has a 10% chance to drop Upper Stone Plate (PW/AA), reducing the common drop rate to 85%.

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